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Proud (ex-)French Citizen ♠ Fier (ex-)Citoyen Français

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Comment by Eolas


Dear A.,
Although I quite understand your post (and congratulate you for being a brand new US citizen, best of luck !), there still must be resistance here (in France). There are so much false things propagated about United States that fighting them is a duty, not only toward United States (Whom I believe we are in debt with), but toward the truth, as simple as it is.

I know that attacking the leftist US basher will be useless. But the peopole who are listenning to them and believe them are open to counter-demonstration. As Revel says in his -excellent- AntiAmericanism (L’obssession anti américaine), the facts are here, and they are easilly accessible, even more today.

A lot of honest French of good will are resisting here. Please pass on the news there.

Hope is never to be lost.


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