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I really liked this entry, however I do not share A.‘s biased, myopic, and possibly uninformed perspective of Professor Robert Lilly’s work.  In a world with crap getting thrown out there as legitimate academic work that is both partisan and useless, I feel that this analysis fails to understand the value of Lilly’s research on the crimes of U.S. servicemen during WWII.

Studying problems and breakdowns of military discipline, crime, and occupation can only help our militaries develop improved methods for carrying out occupations where we can minimize blackmarketeering, rape, brutality, etc.  A modern, democratic, humanitarian armed forces needs to know what it needs to do to reform itself; I found Professor Lilly’s work a step forward in this regard.  I encourage everyone who feels that American power should be a force for good in the world, and support its use in liberation, to read this book and start seriously thinking about the seedy underbelly of occupation, even the most noble occupations, so that we can mitigate or eliminate such aspects in the future.

The truely great American value is continual self improvement.  As horrors like Abu Ghraib demonstrate we can continue to improve.  We are the ‘can do’ people.  We can do better, and we must.

Peace in the East, and may American power be an every brighter tool for good in the world.


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