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My Moron of the Week ♠ Mon Con de la Semaine

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I agree with you when you favour freedom over democracy. As long as democracy is not a foolproof guarantee for freedom, it does not serve its purpose, and is therefore fallible. Being fallible it is not a god and should consequently not be worshipped. However, I disagree with your all too negative views on democracy.
(Sorry for posting only when I disagree, but I have no need and no time to open my mouth when all I have to utter is an echo).
I’m afraid to take Switzerland as a (sleepy) example: Its Constitution guarantees all kinds of individual freedoms, but if a federal law infringes on one of these freedoms there is no legal way to challenge that law. Quite scandalous so far. But the law can be put to a vote before the people. Of course there is quite a difference between having a court enforce your freedoms or trusting a majority of ignorant voters. In theory, democracy is the tyranny of the (so uncontrollable..) majority, and the Constitution should be beyond the reach of partisan fumblings. But in practice, democracy works (where it works). Who can guarantee that the Constitution will be respected better than those who are protected by it ? The good thing about democracy, so to speak, is that anything else is worse. Countries with few democratic rights, in my view, tend to infringe more on the private sphere and freedom of individuals.
Bearing in mind that democracy can yield some nasty outcomes, especially when the voters of the likes of Couteau become a majority (he’s still a long way from it, isn’t he), there simply is no alternative to it. (Didn’t some famous guy say something like this before (scratching head)? who accidentally contributed to give France another chance with freedom and democracy after 1944…)
Some of our dogs say Wau Wau and the sheep say “don’t touch my Government and make it promise me a fat early retirement pension”; some wolves, however, (definitely no dogs) say : “say no to Europe, so I can keep my business protected by my friends in Government” (what should we do? remain in a rat hole or enter free-market-Euro-regulation-hell?....sigh)

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