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I haven't seen the later addon, let me guess. Americans are evil, right?

It's actually even worse than that. They can't even manage to address metaphysical issues such as Good and Evil, so it only goes down to a mumbo-jumbo of sub Daily Kos trigger-concepts: we've got a US-led NATO force (not UN, mind you) though that 'coalition' is apparently only made of US military, that moves in the UK once the former movie's rabid zombies died of starvation to manage, quote, "reconstruction".

Of course, NATO or not, the American army is pictured as a bunch of trigger happy, incompetent grunts who set up a Green Zone but can't even secure it properly and therefore end up shooting every civilian in a snipers' fest so badly shot (no pun) that it's embarrassing, and then gassing and "flame-throwing" any survivor (you know, like, they're Nazis and stuff).

An English/Spanish movie, "with the participation" of the UK Film Council. I expect you won't be surprised then.

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