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the dissident frogman 16 years and 11 months ago

Necrothreading much?

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It's up to you, either you lose 1 hour 40 of your life watching another cheap anti-American analogy of the Iraq war posturing as a talentless horror movie, or you spend only 1 minute 58 on my parody of its opening sequence and move to something more productive before the week is over (the clip is on top, the poster is here).

Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late for this party. Hope there's still some beer left though.

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A vous de voir : soit vous perdez 1 heure 40 de votre vie à regarder une autre minable analogie anti-américaine de la guerre en Irak sous la forme d'un film d'horreur sans talent, soit vous ne dépensez qu' 1 minute 58 sur ma parodie de sa séquence d'introduction et passez à quelque chose de plus productif avant que la semaine ne se termine (le clip est en haut de page, l'affiche est ici).

Ouais, je sais, je suis un peu en retard pour cette fête. Pourvu qu'il reste de la bière.



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I own, built and run this place. In a previous life I was not French but sadly, I died.


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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (27)

2229 - KL

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And while we're on the theme of Europe being overrun...Fun headline o' the day...

Vatican: “Attempts To Islamize The West Cannot Be Denied”

2230 - Star-Wolf

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  • Star-Wolf France

Merde, j'encaisse pas le goût de la bière, pas grave, Mecca Cola fait de plus en plus d'adeptes sur le vieux continent.

Santé, for the name of Allah !

2231 - Grimmy

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  • Grimmy Where I'm at.

I so missed the subtext of the whole 28 days and it's later addon. I thought it was about why we shouldn't allow British scientists to experiment without supervision.

I haven't seen the later addon, let me guess. Americans are evil, right?

When considering the UK in terms of this current GWoT, the British should be concerned. Currently, their only viable options are to fight back against the new caliphate, or eventually become just another American owned theme park.

The theme park thing, probably centered on a mix of miedeval England and prehistoric gaelic parks, would only be after the radiation subsided from the US cleaning up the new caliphate infestation.

There will always be an England!

Either as a free nation and birth place of the Anglosphere, or as a "historically based fantasy land" vaction resort and entertainment area.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2232 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France


I haven't seen the later addon, let me guess. Americans are evil, right?

It's actually even worse than that. They can't even manage to address metaphysical issues such as Good and Evil, so it only goes down to a mumbo-jumbo of sub Daily Kos trigger-concepts: we've got a US-led NATO force (not UN, mind you) though that 'coalition' is apparently only made of US military, that moves in the UK once the former movie's rabid zombies died of starvation to manage, quote, "reconstruction".

Of course, NATO or not, the American army is pictured as a bunch of trigger happy, incompetent grunts who set up a Green Zone but can't even secure it properly and therefore end up shooting every civilian in a snipers' fest so badly shot (no pun) that it's embarrassing, and then gassing and "flame-throwing" any survivor (you know, like, they're Nazis and stuff).

An English/Spanish movie, "with the participation" of the UK Film Council. I expect you won't be surprised then.

Time to take sides

2233 - Grimmy

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  • Grimmy Where I'm at.


The funny/sad thing is, that the more ground the leftards gain, the quicker they'll come up against the true "American Street". For a glimps of what will be in store for them, do some reading up and review on the US campaign in WW2 in the Pacific islands.

There is a hard knot of folk here in the US that have no problem at all with the concept of "no quarter" warfare. None given, none asked for. All fights to the last man standing. You'll find such folk in all walks of life here in the US.

Those with this mindset tend to be rather unmerciful and vengeance oriented in their conduct toward all enemy.

'ad triarios redisse'

Semper Fi.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2235 - Mike H.

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  • Mike H. Spokane, Wa

I think that we've covered this ground previously. The operational parameters of the group are contained in the synergistic term "Uuh Rah." Which I think is shorthand for destroy. They said something like that in boot camp. Just before they sent me out to slice and dice my target.

2236 - Mike H.

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  • Mike H. Spokane, Wa

The foregoing was based on Grimmy's statement about the hardcore street.

2237 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

I never saw either one. RageBoy is a fucking joke, I really wish one of those True Blue English soccer hooligans would teach him what rage is and stomp his ass to death.

As for the true American Street. We are a long suffering and forgiving crowd. Till we hit that line. Then all bets are off. The Constitution of the United States does not give us the right to keep and bear arms. It REQUIRES every voting age citizen to have shoulder arm, side arm, ammunition and equipment consumate with serving as a soldier of the line, circa 1756 militia standards. Thank you, Major Rogers!

2238 - Grimmy

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  • Grimmy Where I'm at.

Mike H:

Actually, I wasn't referring to the USMC in this. The Marine Corps is an organization. I was speaking about individuals. This sort of person is everywhere in our society. Nearly every job location has one or more of them. The guy/gal that can always be counted on to show up on time and on task. The kind of person that, without being asked, steps up to assist with the hard work. They kind that doesn't flinch at having to stay late or arrive early to "get it done". Those are the general indicators of the personality type.

The Corps does tend to attract that personality type, but so do the other branches of uniformed service, as well as uniformed civil service.

America does have it's weak, effeminate "artiste" types and those tend to be what draw the most attention. But the true American personality is the type that will work or fight how ever hard is necessary to succeed or survive.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2239 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

I was agreeing with your point. Just elucidating upon it.