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A comment by Panthercub on Them

I think, you know, darling - puts down delicate cup of Lapsang Souchong.  You have heard of Boudica, of course.  (For those who haven’t, female Asterix, led rising against the Romans.)  Start as one means to go on, and all that sort of thing.  A notably spineless and largely male political class isn’t entirely representative.  It’s a question of what one has to lose, d’you see.  I am familiar with - oh, all right, I have familiarized myself with -  the arguments about women in combat.  I don’t think they apply when one’s very being is at stake. Besides the way things are going the notably spineless heterosexual British male will have left us to fight alone, so it’s hardly relevant as to whether chivalry would overcome him in combat. There are, you see, rather a lot of us.  Together with gays and Jews, we probably make around 60% of the population.  Golly gosh, we shouldn’t all have to fight.  The Islamists of course think us sub-human.  There’s a classically vile piece up at Islamist Watch discussing whether those who can’t fight, for example women, should be killed or should be slaves. Put it another way: try and put me in one of those things and you die.