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A comment by SisterToldjah on French Fruitcakes +1, Reason 0

(Delighted to see you here Sis' !)

Well, hi, DF - thank you :) Hope you don't mind if I pull up a chair and stay a while. Enjoying your site and the commentary you offer. I hope one day soon you'll leave a comment or two at my site as well - they would really like you there.

By the way, last night when I replied to this thread, I clicked on the little email notification thingie, but didn't get the notification for the response post of yours that I'm responding to. I'm wondering if it is a site glitch, or a problem with my email, as I've had some issues with my email the last couple of days. Not a huge deal, as I had planned on checking in at your site today, anyway. I'll send you a private message through the board with a couple other issues in just a few minutes so I don't jam up this post with unnecessary clutter :)

And last but not least, I wonder if Ms. Binoche would be interested in buying the lock of Che Guevara's hair, among the other Che "memorabilia" that are going to be auctioned off by a former CIA operative?

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