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French Fruitcakes +1, Reason 0

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This is a disturbingly persistent trend in dereistic France, the country which, if you recall, gave you the vile Lefty Thierry Meyssan, author of the best-seller translated in 27 languages "l'Effroyable Imposture" (9/11: the Big Lie), and one of the pillars of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Now, and after Sarkozy's new minister of urban affairs Christine Boutin, the latest in a long row of trendy Gallic thruthers is empty-headed mountebank Juliette Binoche:
A Few Days in September is witty and clever, but there is a serious point behind it - with which Binoche is more than a little obsessed. She describes it as a dramatised version of the events depicted in Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. It alleges that various vested interests - including state security services around the world - knew what was about to happen on September 11, 2001.

While preparing for the role Binoche had long conversations with a secret agent, who consulted on the film and on whom she modelled her character. 'Of course he could not reveal everything to me, but he said a lot,' she says. 'Some things I forgot because it was just too much. Certain things I was very amazed by and when I told people close to me about them they just wouldn't believe it. Everything in there is true,' she adds, her eyes blazing with the fervour of a conspiracy theorist.

So is she saying the film is a dramatisation of real events? 'Absolutely,' she says. 'I went to see the Iranian ambassador at the time and he said of course it's true. Things that I thought were hidden and privateā€¦ they were very open about it.' So she means the CIA and other agencies knew 9/11 was going to happen? 'Of course.' So is she saying it was an inside job? Or that al-Qa'eda was responsible? 'Everybody is responsible for it. If you only knew more, it's even more depressing.' She suddenly realises this is all getting a bit implausible and explodes into laughter. 'Humour is the only way we can deal with it.'
Hey, I know the feeling. For instance it's very hard sometimes, even for a gentleman like me, not to use the 'c' word. So I praise the Lord and pass the humor.

That said, it's that kind of performance by my "fellow" citizens that makes me fantasize about reviving a long lost French outdoors activity: Bitch Barbecue, and throwing my passport in, as extra fuel.

Since we're not short of hallucinated hysterics and all...

(Note to my American audience: you might want to pull a Dixie Chicks on this one.)

Muchas gracias to reader Joel B. for the tip


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