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A comment by the dissident frogman on In French, we say, "ridicule doesn't kill"...

MOMinuteman : Sorry to read that, it happens sometimes.

Rather than fuel your frustration by trying to find out what went wrong (usually some antispam filter get in the way and block the notification/activation email), I'd say the quickest way about it is as follow:

Send me an email stating the email address and the login name you wish to use (and the screen name, if different), and I'll create your account and set you up with a random temporary password. Once logged in, you'll change your password to whatever you choose and be good to go. How does that sound?


1. the screen name is the one that shows on the site when you comment. It can be different than the login one, that is limited in characters and cannot contains spaces, to allow for something more "fancy".

2. This goes for anybody having problems with the account creation. Rather than mumble in your beard and turn your back, drop me a mail and let me help you.)

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