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In French, we say, "ridicule doesn't kill"...

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... And that explains why Tom Charity, stuffed a** movie critic snob "special to CNN" is still alive and babbling:
"[worst films of 2007]
"300" Frankly, it was a tossup for the third spot between this gung-ho Greek meatfest and Michael Bay's overblown toy commercial, "Transformers." A lot of people got off on both, I realize, and the computer-generated work was impressive in its way. But no matter how you spin it, war porn is war porn -- and we'd better off without it.»
Is it not rich? Is it not beautiful?

I mean seriously, the schmuck is on CNN's payroll. C.N.N. In other words, THE channel that made its worldwide name and reputation with good old juicy war porn circa 1991, out and about the Persian Gulf (that's right, "no matter how you spin it", pal.)

Oh and, about 300: it seems that the vast non stuffed a** movie critic snob special to CNN world quite frankly disagree:
'300' Smashes March Opening Record; Spartans Stampede To $70 Mil Weekend; 3rd Biggest R-Rated Movie Debut Ever
Charity, tonight...
300 Is the Fastest Selling HD Title on the Market
... You dine...
300 Breaks IMAX Theatres Opening Day/Weekend Records
... In Hell.
DVD Sales - 300 Does Double Duty at Number One
Emphasis mine. It the end, I guess it just shows that movie critic snob Tom Charity, like the rest of us, is a mere mortal with an asshole. I mean an opinion.

Of course it's the wrong one, and of course it misses the point — but that's precisely all you can expect from a movie critic.


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