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This is my first excuse any errors. Great to have the Frogman back (I've been checking). Voting in Virginia this morning was much easier than I expected. I was in line for just over an hour (and expected to be there for at least two and possibly more). Of course, if they had separated the Republicans from the other folks in this part of Virginia ("Occupied Northern Virginia" and/or "the People's Republic of Arlington") I probably could have been in and out in five minutes. Keep the good thoughts going, everyone.

ps -- I can't believe just *how* bilingual the Frogman is (amazing; I'm fluent in Spanish, but not as totally bilingual as the Frogman is -- very hard to achieve that level of language, and with so many slang variations) So, to add to your incredible knowledge -- you used y'all!! Extra points. You could have also said "all y'all" -- but that's *very* high level Southern.

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