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A comment by mbrewer2045 on Obama, the perfect president

I also watched in horror as the Obamacrats took control, and the results so far have been promising (note the HEAVY sarcasm in there)...DOW down 400 points, most of the world "celebrating" in the Obama victory (that worries me greatly....never a good thing when your enemy's wishes are granted by the American public), and Queen Pelosi and company already backpedaling on "expectations". Here are my predictions for the near future:

1. The Obama Tax Plan will be drastically changed from what was presented during the campaign to something much worse. Income limits exposed to the higher tax brackets will be revised down (oops, we really didn't mean $250K for families, we meant to say $100K...SORRY) to raise the required revenue.

2. Business and capital spending will meteor into the ground as the corporate tax rates are increased. Why is it that Demoncrats always think that business will reduce profits to cover new expenses...very curious!?

3. The "Union Card" Legislation (the one that bans the secret ballot process during the unionizing process) will become law almost immediately. Those that oppose the union in their workplace would have to do so publicly. If public voting is such a great thing, we do we still cast SECRET ballots for the President and all other elections?!

4. There will be new "Assault Weapons Ban" implemented (which really is a misnomer). Better get your boom sticks while you still can (I am looking into a Bushmaster or Armalite AR-15 chambered for both the 223 Remington and the 5.56x45mm NATO round, myself).

If history proves me wrong, then I will accept it gladly.

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