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Obama, the perfect president

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Perfect for the Europeans, that is. Let me count the ways:

For the far and, more often than not, extreme Left: these lunatics live in a web of propaganda, conspiracy theories and economic fallacies so dense that they actually have a very limited knowledge of hard facts, particularly when it comes to America. However, they can and do recognize the universal signs of International Marxism dropped by the new President-elect, and they just know Obama is one of them, even if the average American voter doesn't. For the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, (Old) Europe's appallingly numerous Marxist-Leninists, Trotskyites and Stalinists see the winds of change blowing in their favor.


For the Socialists1 and Social Democrats: these people are obsessed with "countering American hegemony"1. Part of them are deluded1, the rest is cynical1 but all of them realize that said "hegemony" is a direct result of the U.S. building wealth and power by embodying what they oppose1: (comparatively) limited government, strong defense, free market economy, work ethics, self-reliance and individual responsibility2. All of them realize that their own antagonist policies are the primary cause of their poor economic and geostrategic performances—the only Socialists who advocate Socialism are those on top of the social ladder who actually benefit from this thieving system—and that they cannot "beat" America without becoming like her—thus renouncing their apparatchiks' privileges. All of them know that Obama will set America adrift from the social model that made her such a successful nation, and sail towards the fetid and primeval swamps of Socialism, where Old Europe is still stuck. All of them1, in short, expect his presidency to weaken America, and all of them1 sees anything that weakens America as a good thing.


For the Far-Right3: take the class-warfare component out of the Far-Left and replace with race-warfare (OEM spare part #1936). For the rest, they are exactly the same brand of anti-American and anti-Capitalism Collectivists (sharing identical conspiracy theories and economic fallacies with the Marxists). They broke open the Champaign at France's National-Front's offices on that bright day of September 11, 2001—a fact I wish that side of the U.S anti-Jihad front that advocates an alliance de circonstance with Old Europe's white supremacists (and regards Jean-Marie Le Pen as "acceptable") would consider. They too, like the Socialists1, see every opportunity to weaken America as a good thing. In addition to that, the new President-elect vindicates one of the pillars of their ideological framework: these folks, after all, define America as an infamous melting pot run by "Kikes" and "Niggers", and they will go "Ha-ha! Told you so!" It's quite ironic though... You can't really blame these f*tards for looking at the U.S. election from the racial point of view: everybody on the Left did, starting with the happy winner himself4...

Finally, the Right, conservative & libertarians (or classical liberals as we call them here). You know, these guys who harbor the crazy ideas that the government should be limited, taxation drastically reduced, the market freed of State intervention and the people left to their own devices and the pursuit of happiness under the protection of a strong defense. For them, needless to say, Obama is a very, very bad news (I mean, picture yourself manning an isolated outpost deep inside enemy lines, and suddenly learning that Central Command has been overrun. See what I mean?)

Well, they have no political significance whatsoever—as a matter of fact they don't exist at all, at least not as a political force per se. Just a bunch of isolated guys like yours truly, hunkered down in their compounds and ideological ghettos, who know that as far as their countries are concerned they are, and always have been, on the wrong side of History5. They won't cast much of a shadow on the current worldwide Socialist renewal.

  1. For the last time, yes, that includes Nicolas Sarkozy. I'm way beyond tired with those pundits and columnists in France and abroad who persist to tag him as a "right-wing conservative" when everything he says and the little he does demonstrate the exact opposite. However, don't take my word for it, and listen to an expert in Socialism and Socialists: "Sarkozy, you are getting to Socialism, welcome to the club, these are interesting ideas." End of quote—An Hugo Chavez quote that is.
  2. Yes dear U.S. reader, it's become worse than it was in America, and if Obama's election is any indication it will get worse before it gets better. However, no matter how bad things look from your end, you still have a long way to go before you reach the depth of Statism at which we lurk down here. And I pray you never will.
  3. That includes the Brussels Journal skinnerds who blabber on the "disappearance of the white" and label themselves Europe's "conservatives".
  4. Leftists of all persuasion are head over heels with the historical election of a black American. What's truly historic—and dramatic— here is that for the first time, Americans elected a radical Socialist at the head of the Republic.
  5. And incidentally that when Democracy is regarded as an end in itself, it always is the tyranny of the majority.


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