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A comment by ap0calpt1c on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

The US saved the frogs from the Germans and they'll never forgive us for it. Look, it's pretty much a given that the French (and certain other western Europeans)are extremely jealous of Americans. We're the big 'can-do' cowboy and they're the guy making the beans for our grub. I would lay money that these pictures are accurate. I just can't believe they would stoop so low. There is no equivalency here. Not buying their wine or visiting their country is quite different from disrespecting our men and women who gave their lives liberating their country. As for the folks arguing that the French just disagreed with us on the Iraq issue, I think Regis Philbin put it as well as anyone could. "The only time the French want to go to war is when the German army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee."

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