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A comment by ungoogleable on Porky Pig 1, Allah 0

Hey Mr. Frogman, like your photoshop work you do. Also who can forget your Shooty No Shooty video. [url=][/url]

The next time you get drunk and have some free time could you make a banner for my blog? It is titled 'Pre War Forensics'. The premise is; Study of the next war. Focusing on the likely not the desirable. The dark side of the dark side. (it's not really that dark, i'll be crying, smirking my way to the grave)

My blog is a hobby. It reflects a lifelong interest/fear in getting nuked or witnessing such an event. I don't expect to make money cause i suspect that only a few would have an interest. Yeah, fear of nukes an't what it use to be. Ha

Have a nice and nukeless day.

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