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A comment by Red Collar on Obama's culturally insensitive U.S. Government strikes again

Good post, DF. I didn't even know there had been black slave owners in the US.

I offer you a video from Youtube which mentions that only 5% of slaves ended up in what is now the USA, the rest were shipped to Central and South America. So this is not just an American problem (obviously).

Off topic: Canada's still debating the question of polygamy. The government of British Colombia will go to the province's supreme court to review the "human rights" of two Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders.

One of them is married to 19 women, the other one only three.

I'm so glad we live in an age of hope and change, human rights and denial, pain and tears, bullshit and political spin...

Ok, I'm rambling on. Great post sir. Toujours un plaisir.

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