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A comment by Unkown Grandson of a Soldier on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

I would like all those that feel the need to hate the Americans or the French, no matter what their reason, to explain their reasons to my grandfather, who still lies on that beach somewhere. He charged that hell hole, never thinking that some day the country he would give his life for just minutes later and the country he was trying to help would be mud slinging and stereotyping each other to the level of a 1st grader. He charged onto that beach never expecting such petty actions of those he would call countrymen and those he would call allies. I often wonder what he would do if he knew this is the way it would turn out. My guess. No matter how much the acts of both the Americans and the French public would make him sick to his stomach, he would probably still charge that beach because it was the right thing to do and it needed to be done. It's just a shame those who benefit most from his sacrifice are the first to forget it, no matter what the nationatility.

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