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Jef: TS - Shall I obtain a plane ticket, fly of to these Islamic countries, and kill me as many "A-rabs" as I can, before I get offed? Its not about A-rabs, as you say...its about the political-social ideology of Islam. We have to point out the fact that Iraq was the most forword thinking of Muslim countries. It was. Now, its nothing but a US puppet state. The Coalition will bring freedom to Iraq and end the torture etc, but freedom is the key, Do you think the people were better off before? If you do thats pretty sick. For this Islamic threat to end, there must be freedom for muslims to speak out without fear of death or torture.Because if a non muslim speaks out they are called racist, which I guess is what your "A-rab" comment was meant to convey about me. Now, what Jihad do you speak of? Actual orginizations like the Islamic Jihad, or actions (the Jihad) declared by other orginizations? HELLOOOO lets see, the Jihad in Africa (Sudan,Nigeria,Liberia,Malawi etc) the Jihad in Phillipines, Indonesia,Kashmir, Israel, The Jihad in Chechnya,Algeria,etc etc..need I go on..or are you not up on the news...oh and lets not forget the Jihad against America and the rest of the free world...and then there is the "lesser" Jihad, making it a hate crime to tell the truth about Islam, setting up "muslim youth centers", lobbying governments for Islamic causes, white washing Islam...need I go on??? That Jihad! need to read the Koran and find out about Muhammed and then take a look around the world, and see whats happening. Youd have to be under a rock to not see what is happening in the world!...or willingly ignore it. Iraq had and has used Chemical weapons, on the Kurds. We know that. Its reprehensible. Who supplied the weapons? The US, and the Brittish when they were setting Saddam up as a pro-US force in a decisively Anti-Us atmosphere... We helped Saddam because we did not want Iran to take over the territory..we were never his friend and ally in the sense of the true word..and what were other countries participating in at this time? Is America the only gulity one of proxy wars..I think not.And lets see France gave Saddam nuclear no country is innocent of playing two sides against the middle..America has decided to get out of that business..has France? I do not think that it is disrepectful to question the actions taken in the name of the dead. What? It is disrespectful to ignore the Islamic Jihad problem and pretty much by doing that you are trying to blame these murders on other reasons...and that is disrespectful...all these people killed by the teachings of Jihad, DESERVE to have people know why they were killed...and to remedy the sickness that causes people to go murder innocent people because they are the infidel, or are not submitting to Allah. These people should not have died in vain...there voices from the grave should cry out to us for JUSTICE. And if you and people like you, continue to ignore the real probelm, you disrespect their sufferings and deaths. Period.

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