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A comment by SparcVark on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

Nick D: The book is called "Other Losses", and the author's preposterous "1 million dead" figure is based on a clerical error. Read what the late Steven Ambrose (who served on a comittee investigating the book's charges) had to say about it here: There was likely mistreatment of German POWs by US forces. However, compared to mistreatment of German POWs by the Soviets? Hello? Not even on the same planet. Stalin was out for territory - let's not pretend on that account. And it wasn't the USSR or world communism the Red Army was fighting to protect. To quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn as best I can, "it was only Ivan fighting for Holy Russia on the Mother Volga that stopped the onslaught".

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