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A comment by NYC Fred on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

To Sergeant re: #159, BRAVO! Spoken like a true American! Finally, a mature, objective and evenhanded response, and from a U.S. Marine -- that is pure GOLD. My heartfelt thanks to you and all of your brothers and sisters in the armed forces for all of your past and future sacrifices. The rest of us owe you more than we could ever express. There has been far too much of this tit-for-tat, "ban the French fry" vs. "down with les Etats Unis" nonsense. Who cares what a few malcontents or social delinquents do over in France? Like all the crap Americans do is any less childish and hateful? And French wine -- know why it's so good?? All the American and English/Irish/Scottish and Canadian blood soaked up by those grape vines. So drink up and enjoy! That's right -- LAUGH -- it's good for the soul. People: try generating a little clemency and objectivity and LOVE. Enough with the ping-pong match of who can insult the other more. Get your butts off the computer and go do something meaningful. Spead some goodwill and show the world that we here in the U.S. are above all this namecalling and international bigotry. God (or whatever you believe in) bless us all! --------------*

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