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A comment by Ed on Tertian Fever ♠ Fièvre Tierce

Everytime I see or hear another American spewing one vitrolic comment or another about how the French are ignorant, backward, "surrender frogs", et cetera, I lose faith in America. Suffice to say, I feel the same every time I hear equally narrowminded comments directed at Americans by French people. I think that it is despicable, the way that the French people (not to indict the French in general) have chosen to show their displeasure with the US in this instance - what did American soldiers 50 years ago do to have their legacy sullied like this? - but I am equally disturbed by the undisguised hatred of many Americans, exemplified by some of the comments here. And for some reason people in BOTH these countries wonder why others talk of them so disparingly?

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