the dissident frogman

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A comment by Moishe3rd on A decade of revelations

Just stopping by to let you know that, as the world goes to Hell, I do, indeed, think of the dissident frogman from time to time.
I have never let go of 9/11.
My brother, an assimilated Texan and a Vietnam vet, gave me a lapel pin shortly after that was an American flag with a red white and blue memorial ribbon around it that says 9-11-2001 on the bottom.
I am still wearing that pin.
In my Orthodox Jewish world, people do not wear American flag pins with what looks like a candy cane around it. I get peculiar looks in some of the Orthodox enclaves where I visit or pray.
I have often thought that maybe it’s time to take the pin off —œ I have also been flying the American flag on the flagpole outside of my house and, I sometimes think that it’s time to take that down too…
But, I don’t.
When the rare person stares at my lapel pin with a questioning look in their eyes, I try and explain -
There is a Great Evil in this world that is seeking to destroy us all. It is present and ongoing. Bin Laden was simply the Evil that attacked us on 911.
This exact same Evil is present in what is today called the “Arab Spring” —œ which is just a continuation of a murderous 100 year Great Sectarian Civil War in the Muslim and Arab worlds.
This Evil worships Death and wishes to destroy all those (particularly other Arabs and Muslims) who do not worship Death in the same manner.
This Evil wishes to obliterate Israel.
This Evil wishes to destroy the United States.
This Evil is erasing Europe.
If we do not remember this Evil and fight against it, it will, indeed, “destroy” our world.
So, I wear my lapel pin and I hope that I remember to remember.