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A comment by loiseller on A decade of revelations

Hey… DFM (or one of your handlers)... I just updated my profile and left a lengthy note in there for YOU.

Whether or not you hear what I’m saying, I’m telling you there are a lot of us that come here because you’ve pretty much had scoop that was GTG.

You’ve been absent a long time now. If it is out of your control,m well…Oohrah, shit happens.

But like I said in my note, we’re coming to a crossroads in the US and for that matter, the GD globe.

We ALL need to engage now. Too much is riding on this next year.

BTW… the piece you did on Palin several months back… priceless, friend. Well met.

Come on, you friggin’ Frog.  Start bringing it…. again.

Semper Fidelis, brother.