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The term ‘posting’ below applies to everything you may contribute on the site. comments, profile data, messages, etc.
  1. You agree never to post anything boring, uninspired, or stupid. Or at least, to try very hard not to even if that requires a teensy-weensy shot of the white man’s firewater.
  2. You agree never to post anything apologetic of any anti-Humanist ideology, such as Socialism, Islam, environmentalism, misandry under the guise of feminism, racism toward any shade of skin, trans-this or critical race-that. You also agree that this is a short, non-exhaustive list.
  3. You agree to treat others here as well as you’d like them to treat you. Make it ten times as well, if you happen to be a self-hating apologist for any of the anti-Humanist ideologies non-exhaustively mentioned above.
  4. You agree never to invoke tolerance (or free speech) as justification for posting content in defense of intolerant points of views and ideologies (re bullet point 2) and expecting me not to purge it. Because I get aggravated when people do that, and that’s as good a reason as you will get.
  5. You acknowledge that I do not provide commenting, membership and messaging facilities to “engage” in “dialogue” with the kind of people I target in bullet point 2, nor provide them with yet another venue to pontificate. I already know all I need to know about what they think, and I don’t debate nefarious morons. They are wrong, always.
  6. You are responsible for anything you post here, silly or sensible: you write it, you own it, you answer for it. Whether it brings you Internet medals or viral opprobrium.
  7. I reserve the right to remove or edit any content you may submit for any reason, without explanation or apology. And you’ll suck it up like a man, even if you’re not one or fancy yourself of another “gender”—whatever that means.
  8. You have the right to request at any time the removal of any content you submit for any reason, without explanation or apology—which I may do in the best delay. Not asking for dinner and a movie, but a please and possibly a thank you will go a long way.
  9. You understand that I deploy every effort to live by the Christian principle of Hate the sin, love the sinner, unless the sinner really pushes it, in which case it’s off with his post(s)—and account, if registered— and good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Jesus is perfect. I’m not Him. My Mom thinks I’m the next best thing though. But then, she’s my Mom.