the dissident frogman

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

If you do not follow through after submitting this request, the reset will expire after 2 hours and the password will remain unchanged.

What happens next?

The system will initiate the first step of the password reset by sending you a notification. Just follow the instructions it contains.

No email?

Password reset is automated. If you do not receive the notification email:

  1. Wait a bit,
  2. Check your spam folder,
  3. Ensure that you entered the address associated with your account. You can confirm by checking the recipient of the latest notification you ever received from the site. (if you still have one around.)
  4. Ensure that you are not using challenge-response spam filtering, that requires the sender to answer a challenge before delivering the email to you,

The notification should arrive within minutes. If you rule out spam filtering snags and are positive the email did not arrive, wait at least a couple of hours before requesting a new reset.

If all of the above fails or can't be helped, feel free in last resort to say Help me dissident frogman (please provide me with as many details of your account you can recall: screen name, email address, possible date, etc.)