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Friday open gun advice thread

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I did take my Ruger P-85 9mm with me that day but most of the time was spent shooting the Lithgow.
I would take the target out to the trap and once I returned to the bench I would sit for a minute to allow myself to be at rest.
I would fire off a round and look where it hit the paper through my binoculars.
Then I would wait a couple minutes between shots to allow heat to dissipate from the barrel.
I would shoot only 5 round groups and then I would have to wait for the other people at the range to call a cease fire where I would change the target out.
Around shot 15 I was starting to get a little soar so I took a little longer on the last 5.
I also spent a little while showing this guy who was shooting a AR-15 chambered in .308 how to use his weapon.
He was shooting at 2 targets and said that he didn’t think he was hitting the paper.
I looked and he was grouping really tight on the left target and when I told him he said he was shooting at the target on the right.
After I told him how to sight in his scope he loaded a new magazine he couldn’t get the bolt to return so I had to show him how if you depress the button on the left side of the rifle the bolt would fall forward.
He bought a deadly weapon and didn’t even read the manual.
I told him to go home and read the manual and disassemble and reassemble the rifle until he didn’t need the book anymore.
Get to know your weapon inside and out.


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