Day of the Canidae ♠ Journée des Canidés

15 years and 6 days ago

Day of the Canidae ♠ Journée des Canidés

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The Laughing Wolf is showing his teeth and by the look of it, somebody should worry.

Watch out, when they growl, they'll bite.

Come to think of it, the frogman's best friend was a wolf once. Well, not technically a wolf, but very close (and before you ask: no, brown eyes).
As close as one can get while staying within the boundaries of domesticated species I guess.

He passed away.
I miss him.
You probably don't care.

Let's move on.

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The Laughing Wolf (Le Loup qui Rit) montre les dents et à en croire les apparences, quelqu'un devrait se faire du souci.

Attention, quand ils grognent, c'est qu'ils vont mordre.

En y pensant, le meilleur ami de l'homme (grenouille) fût un loup jadis. Enfin, pas techniquement un loup, mais très proche (et avant que vous ne demandiez: non, yeux marron).
Aussi proche qu'on puisse l'être tout en restant dans les limites des espèces domestiquées j'imagine.

Il s'est éteint.
Il me manque.
Vous n'en avez probablement rien à faire.

Passons à autre chose.


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  • Laughing Wolf

Actually, I would love to hear more about him, especially as I am considering that breed.  Please do drop me a line and I will be glad to talk of my alcoholic epileptic beagle.  Thanks, also, for the link.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Joe

Aw man!  That stinks.  I miss my old buddy too - part collie, part husky.

  • Comment author avatar
  • Nathan

Condolences to the DF on the loss of his dog.  Wishes for speedy passage through the grieving process.  Like the old song says, the sun is going to shine through your backdoor again.  Nothing will take his place, but it will all be alright :)