EU elections 2019: neither yea or nay

4 months and 3 weeks ago

EU elections 2019: Neither yea or nay!

Quite the contrary.

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Another worthless exercise of my right to vote as, once again, my options boil down to voting against a program or person.

18 different lists on the menu for these European elections. 18.


Yet once you’ve removed the Dunny-on-the-Wold-ish contestants (“Animalist” Party? I’d rather vote for my dog. Europe Democracy Esperanto? No habla Europese), the copious selection of Socialists of all shades (from pink to deep red with green and, yes, yellow1 in the middle) and the EuroDrones spanning the whole Left/Right (false) dichotomy, you end up with nothing but a bad taste in the mouth, the result of this familiar nauseating feeling that there is, on this continent, too much opportunities for too many people to live off the blood of civil society.

None of whom have any interest in changing that.

A possibly apocryphal quote from the late French humorist Coluche is making the rounds:

If voting could change anything, it’d been banned long ago.

And he was right—as long as you keep in mind that he was solely concerned with France (hello America 2016).

Still, my ballot opposing the supranationalists is in the box.

There’s a good fellow.

  1. I wonder if Nigel Farage is aware that his genial mug is on display on the electoral leaflet of the Gilets Jaunes list, introduced as “our ally Nigel Farage”—no less—and boasting of his support, right under the ambitious program of these wearers of fulvous vestments that includes—among other confusing Big Government projects for a list that’s supposedly the offshoot of a tax revolt—the “nationalization of speedways and strategical enterprises (airports, banks, energy sector…)”. And I wonder what he makes of that, I really do.

Nigel Farage's yellow vetting


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