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Better alternatives to flag burning

Protest-through-destruction is the monopoly of Leftist thugs. Let's keep it that way.

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Look, I understand that all these talks of "the Republic is dead, burn the flag" is just the stress of that unconceivable reelection talking.

You are not the kind of people that goes around burning American flags—the other side does. When you do protest, on the contrary, you fly the Stars and Stripes high and proud.

Still, I get the feeling. You're rightfully upset, and you are looking for ways to make it clear that you oppose whatever the wolf in sheep's clothes that will sit in the White House for another four years is prepared to unleash on you.

Rather than rejecting the flag though, maybe you should claim or reclaim it—not relinquish it to the maggots who voted for the European Way over the American Dream. Rather than burning it, maybe you could fly it upside down, say, for the next 4 years:
"Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea, if you fly your flag upside down on a ship, it means you're in distress... I think this country is in distress"—Philip Hoezel
Considering the number of regular citizens who fly the flag on their front porch, in their yard or on their car—always an awesome sight for the foreign observer, no matter where they stand on the issue—this could make quite a powerful and permanent statement.

And the great thing is that you could do it both offline and online. Here's a few ones to get you started on the virtual side of life:

That said, if you'd rather not turn Old Glory on his head, then there's another US symbol that is definitely upside down these days:

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