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Necrothreading much?

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France is run by stinky bitter old impotent fags. (yeah, you knew it too didn't you?)

Real men with firmly implanted pubic hair and a brain receiving a constant and consequent flow of top quality juicy testosterone like Dubya, greatest President of the United States since Ronald Reagan as well as the dissident frogman, know that Turkey should join the EU. In fact, we believe that Turkey must join the EU now.

And we mean now as in right f* now and possibly now as in as soon as yesterday.

Otherwise, we'll leave the demographically doomed EU to the old stinky bitter impotent fags of all kind (see how that helps to improve the birthrate, ha!) and move to the Oriental Spellbinding Splendour of the Mysterious East, singing "Turkey! Turkey! We're Okay For Turkey!"

But first, a cold shower.

Post Scriptum but not really as this is not a mail but you see what I mean anyway so stop nitpicking you silly bugger:

1. While we're at it, there's a message for the Islamoronic mujahideen here: you're not going to convert anybody as long as you'll put your best arguments in bags.

Yes, I know you call that 'burka' or 'hijab' or whatever you call that.
However, where I come from, we call that a bag or a sack (and sometimes a stuffed sheath of slut, when we talk about 25 year old 'militant' wearing that willingly as a political statement in the University of Nanterre, that Communist shithole suburb of Paris). A sack as in "a woman's loose-fitting dress" (and by loose, we mean of course properly, as it's nothing but tight figuratively speaking) from the Middle English sak which means bag (You smarty-pant you), and before that from Latin and Late Latin saccus which means sackloth (Gotcha!), both from the Greek sakkos which means bag (confused huh?) and even before that, of Semitic origin; akin to Hebrew saq which means, you guessed, bag, and is incidentally a direct ancestor of 'stuffed sheath of slut'.

Yeah. Hebrew.

Oh in the name of Allah-la-la, quit whining and don't give me your "We Victims" comedy again.

That's multicultural juicy goodness for ya, so stick your hardcopy edition of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion where the old stinky bitter impotent fags find their entry to Jannatu al-Khuld.

2. No offense for the other fags of course. That is to say, those who are not stinky, old, bitter, impotent, or simply, not a fucking bunch of angry totalitarians 'militants', and who I actually never call 'fags'.

And no, I don't call them 'homosexuals' or 'gays' either.

I call them by their individual names, just like any other bloke, because that's usually how they introduce themselves, just like any other bloke.

That said, I imagine that if I ever meet someone who would introduce himself with a vibrant "Hello, I'm gay", there's a serious probability that I would end up calling him an asshole, or a dickhead.

And possibly, yes, a fag.

Just like any other narrow minded bloke who principally defines himself by his party card, religious belief, football club membership, skin color, social class or sexual orientation.

The only minority it is essential to defend is the individual. But you know that already, right?

3. The Oriental Spellbinding Splendour of the Mysterious East (yeah yeah, 'Okay for Turkey!') picture I 'stole' from The Camel Toe Report, which is not really safe for work, especially if your job is Islamoronic mujahid or Old stinky bitter impotent fags running France, but is utterly hilarious nonetheless.

Article copy (alternate language)

La France est dirigée par de vieilles tantouses puantes, aigries et impuissantes. (ouais, vous le saviez vous aussi, n'est-ce pas?)

Les vrais hommes avec des poils pubiens solidement implantés et un cerveau recevant un flot constant et conséquent de testostérone de qualité supérieure comme Dubya, le plus grand Président des Etats-Unis depuis Ronald Reagan ainsi que le dissident frogman, savent que la Turquie devrait entrer dans l'Union Européenne. D'ailleurs, nous croyons que la Turquie doit entrer dans l'Union Européenne maintenant.

Et nous entendons par là maintenant comme dans tout de suite b* et assurément maintenant comme dans pas plus tard qu'hier.

Sinon, nous laisserons cette Europe démographiquement condamnée aux vieilles tantouses puantes, aigries et impuissantes en tout genre (verrons bien si ça va aider à augmenter la natalité, ha!) et nous en irons rejoindre les Envoûtantes Splendeurs Orientales de l'Est Mystérieux en chantant "Turquie! Turquie! Oui pour la Turquie!"

mais d'abord, une douche froide.

Post Scriptum mais pas vraiment puisque ce n'est pas un courrier enfin vous voyez bien ce que je veux dire alors cessez d'ergoter, vous êtes saoulant à la fin :

1. Tant que nous y sommes, il y a là un message pour les Islamimbéciles de mujahideen : vous ne risquez pas de convertir grand monde tant que vous mettrez vos meilleurs arguments dans des sacs.

Oui, j'ai bien conscient que vous appelez ça 'burka' ou 'hijab' ou quelque soit le nom que vous leur donnez.
Cependant, là d'où je viens, on appelle ça un pochon ou un sac (et parfois un fourre-tout à fumelle fétide, quand on parle de 'militante' de 25 balais qui porte ça volontairement à titre de prise de position politique à la fac de Nanterre, cette fosse d'aisance banlieue communiste de Paris). Un sac donc, du Latin saccus, lui-même venant du Grec sakkos qui veut dire sac aussi et encore avant, d'origine Sémite et lié à l'hébreu saq qui veut dire, vous l'avez deviné, sac et se trouve donc être aussi l'ancêtre direct de 'fourre-tout à fumelle fétide'.

Ouais. Hébreu.

Oh, au nom d'Allah-la-la, cessez de pleurnicher et ne me jouez pas votre comédie "Nous Les Victimes" à nouveau.

C'est du bon bonheur multiculturel bien juteux pour vous les gars, alors carrez vous votre édition brochée du Protocole des Sages de Sion là où les vieilles tantouses puantes, aigries et impuissantes trouvent leur entrée au Jannatu al-Khuld.

2. Pas d'insulte pour les autres tantouses bien entendu. C'est à dire, ceux qui ne sont ni puants, ni vieux, ni aigris, ni impuissants ou simplement, ni une putain de bande de totalitaires 'militants', en bref, ceux que je n'appelle jamais des 'tantouses'.

Et non, je ne les appelle pas non plus des 'homos' ou des 'gays'.

Je les appelle par leurs noms, comme n'importe qui d'autre, parce que c'est généralement ainsi qu'ils se présentent, comme n'importe qui d'autre.

Cela dit, j'imagine que s'il m'est donné de rencontrer quelqu'un se présentant d'un vibrant "Bonjour, je suis gay!", il y a de fortes probabilités pour que j'en arrive à l'appeler rapidement et sans détours un trou du cul ou une tête de noeud.

Et peut-être même, oui, une tantouse.

Comme n'importe quel autre esprit étroit se définissant principalement par sa carte de parti, ses croyances religieuses, son club de football, sa couleur de peau, sa classe sociale ou son orientation sexuelle.

La seule minorité qu'il est essentiel de défendre, c'est l'individu. Mais vous savez déjà tout ça, pas vrai ?

3. La photo de l'Envoûtante Splendeur Orientale de l'Est Mystérieux (ouais, ouais, 'Oui pour la Turquie!'), je l'ai 'fauchée' à The Camel Toe Report, qui n'est pas très sûr pour un environnement de travail, particulièrement si votre boulot est Islamimbécile de mujahid ou vieille tantouse puante, aigrie et impuissante dirigeant la France, mais n'en n'est pas moins totalement hilarant au demeurant.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (9)

1511 - RANT

Comment author avatar
You wan to tell us how to defend our country, Chirac? We'll tell you how to build a union of states. Touché!

1512 - Firenut88

Comment author avatar
I really love this website. I hail from good Ole' USA and I love reading blogs from faraway that are pro-American. This one ecspecially. The humor is first rate and its really well designed, I just wish that the Frogman would update some more! I check this website everyday waiting impatiently for an update and it drives me up the wall when you are not able to. I suppose thats how things go so keep up the awesome work love the site!

1513 - Mitch

Comment author avatar
DF, good to see you back. I hope it was fun. Any new tattoos? Turkey has to be either a European country or a Middle East country. They seem to have decided to be part of Europe. I think it would be better to bring them in, but it's your choice. And you can tell Chirac that the last time France decided to get involved with Mexico, they put that pantomime emperor Maximilian against the wall and shot him. (Mexico won't admit it, but we had something to do with that. Your Napoleon III took over Mexico because of some bad debts. We were heavily engaged in killing each other -- nobody does it better -- so we couldn't prevent it. When our Civil War ended, we had a million men under arms, the first iron-clad navy in the world, and a bad attitude. Reinforcing poor Max came to be seen as a bad idea.) Anyway, the Turks are at least as European as the Greeks, give or take a moustache.

1514 - Mashiki

Comment author avatar
Hail DF, nice to see you kicking back. Sometimes I really wish people would piss off Chirac abit more...almost the way I'd wish people would piss off Duceppe over in Quebec. It makes things so much more enjoyable in politics especially when you have arrogant, self-righteous, self-serving SOB's in politics. Did I miss anything in that? heh. Cheers.

1515 - Noah

Comment author avatar
Welcome back, Froggy. Good to hear that Chiraq's goons haven't gotten to you yet. I agree with comment number 2 about reading foreign blogs that are pro-American. It is good to know that there are still good people in the world, when it's so evident that most of our 'allies' absolutely hate our guts. It's not easy to do the right thing. Are there more (pro-US) French people like you? I'd like to visit France someday, but I don't know if that will happen anytime soon given our countries' current diplomatic spat/very different worldviews (I certainly don't want to spend my hard-earned money in a country where I don't feel welcomed). Do you have plans to move to the US? I noticed your recent entry entitled 'Fier Ex-Citoyen Français' and it got me wondering if you were planning to move across the pond. At any rate, I would be proud to call you my fellow American citizen. Noah from Minnesota

1516 - kat-missouri

Comment author avatar
Hello..nice to see you back. I love your commentary. Read the article from the Quadrant. There have been several in the US that point out the same: bloggers catching the media at their worst. Over at, we mounted the demand for the LA times and NY Times to retract their erroneous statements about Paul Bremmers lack of departure statement as well. It was so obvious these people were regurgitating some tripe without checking the facts. Your critical view of the EU and France have been very enlightening. I had no idea how bad the socialist fungi had become entrenched in the EU parliament not to mention the outright support of an ME with nukes just to "off set" US power. How ridiculous is that? As if the US would use it's nuke power to hold the world hostage like N. Korea or Iran. Idiots! But, you say it better...

1517 - Gary Gunnels

Comment author avatar
DF, Can you make an argument that isn't based on insults? Doesn't Chirac support the membership of Turkey in the EU? "Just like any other narrow minded bloke who principally defines himself by his party card, religious belief, football club membership, skin color, social class or sexual orientation." As opposed to what you principally define yourself as? People who bitch about these things always turn out to be hypocrites.

1518 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Gary, Can you make an argument that isn't based on insults? Now let me see... Hmmm... No. Fuck you Gary. Twice, and in the ear. Doesn't Chirac support the membership of Turkey in the EU? Depends on the time of the year. And of the day too I suspect. Also, as one of his close friends once put it, it depends on what's the last one who talk will tell him. In any case, and talking about Turkey, Chirac, heaven forbids, is not really (yet?) the only one making the decision, despite the appearances. That link was mainly to point at the leader of the pack (get some perspective for Chrissake Gary) but the pack (that's Chirac's UMP for you) is not exactly on tracks with the leader. Not that unusual down here anyway. As opposed to what you principally define yourself as? You apparently missed the point but it would be instructive if you could tell me how I define myself as. That would be really-really-really helpful Gary. And then I could put up a very informative "About the dissident frogman, and how Gary defines him" page, and all that. You won't get paid though. Sorry, this has to be a labor of love (how's the hear?). People who bitch about these things always turn out to be hypocrites. Now easy-easy Gary my man... Can't you make an argument that isn't based on insults? Fuck you then Gary, and that would be thrice this time. How's the ear?
Time to take sides

1519 - y2dray

Comment author avatar
Mes felicitations, monsieur. J'ai trouve votre blog par un lien chez les Anti-Idiotariens. J'espere que les autres gens qui encore pensent que les francais sont des putes de laches trouvent ce site et changent leur avis. Excuse my French - it's a bit rusty. But you make a lot of sense. I'm a Canadian who had spent 2 years in France going to CES a long time ago. Beautiful country, lots of goods, too damn expensive, but the cookie-cutter beuarocracy sucked big'time. Keep up the fight - hopefully more people "dans la patrie" will take notice and realise what kind of treadmill they got stuck on for over 200 years. Take care. Veuillez accepter mes salutations distingues.