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Examples to ponder while Obama crafts his socialized healthcare plans

Disclaimer: I have an acquaintance within the French national health care insurance system. This is my source. What you're about to read is true.

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Socialized health care is just one step on the Road to Serfdom—though a dramatic one. And a deep dive down the Bureaucratic Twilight Zone of the Absurd. Take France for instance:

The much vaunted1 French “free”2, mandatory, state-run health care insurance may reimburse any patient’s second hearing aid if, and only if he is blind.

Get that? Socialistzed health care means that you will be allowed to hear only if you can’t see3. I mean, hey, you can’t have it all—there are other people waiting, you know. Selfish bastard.

And of course, the poor deaf and blind soul may get that if he first obtained the bureaucrats’ authorization to get said second hearing aid. We can’t have any sort of self-medication going on, can we?

  1. By the French state and it's lackeys. Oh, and by the myriads of civil servants who get paid off of it.
  2. It's not free, of course—quite the contrary actually, as soon as you realize that you, your family, friends, employers and every single working citizen pay for it every month, all their lives and for a ridiculously small return, unless you happen to be deaf and blind, or terminally ill. (the amount you'll get for dental or ophthalmologic care is so low that it's insulting—I personally won't even bother returning the required forms to get reimbursed)
  3. Provided you happen to have two ears, and be afflicted by deafness congenital or acquired. One should note that in this particular context, one-eyedness doesn't seem to make a difference in the State's health care arithmetic. Whatever the affected side.


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