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Like Franco, Saddam is dead

Saddam, comme Franco, est tout à fait mort

the dissident frogman 16 years and 10 months ago

Necrothreading much?

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Dean Esmay is tired of having to debunk one of the Big Lies on the Iraq war time and again, in other words, explain and demonstrate that the United States didn't arm Saddam Hussein.
Saddam was not our guy. We did not arm him. He was not our tool or our puppet. We didn't give him tons of money. And if you show me one more time (as so many have) how Donald Rumsfeld shook Saddamn's (sic) hand on one occasion, I'll give you 50 of Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt shaking Stalin's hand.

I'm tired of having to answer the Americaphobes. I really am. My patience for it is at an end
Probably a good idea to dig out my "arms sales to Iraq" graphic then, showing exactly who did arm Saddam Hussein. I've created this chart back in March 2003, using sources from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI - not exactly your average BusHitler right-wing warmongers. That's the beauty of it.)

The original page still exist physically on my server, but now redirects users to the new site design, and its own permalink here. It was linked to and posted by many blogs, including the prestigious "The Command Post", and even made its way to the dead trees version of the Weekly Standard.

Still, judging by Dean's post, there's apparently a few people out there who didn't get it. So here we go again: Saddam was armed by Soviet Russia, France and China.

The crazy thing is that you don't even need facts, figures and fancy charts to understand that: common sense will do. If you look at it, in the first phase of the Iraq campaign, the Coalition armed forces faced "T-insert-number-here" Russian tanks, MiG warplanes and Republican Guards armed with Kalashnikovs — also produced in China, and notorious for being of lesser quality, and therefore cheaper than the Soviet made AK.

After the Bush Administration had to deal with French opposition and plain treachery at the UN.

It is not, repeat, not a coincidence if Russia, France and China make the Top of the Pops in this chart.

It's just common sense.

While you're at debunking lies about the Iraq war, you might want to check the Wiki Dean and friends are working on:

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Dean Esmay en a marre de devoir sans cesse rétablir la vérité sur l'un des grands mensonges de la guerre en Irak, en d'autre termes, expliquer et démontrer que les États-Unis n'ont pas armé Saddam Hussein.
Saddam n était pas notre allié. Nous ne l'avons pas armé. Il n'était ni notre complice ni notre pantin. Nous ne lui avons pas fourni des tonnes de fric. Et si vous me montrez encore (comme tant d'autres) que Donald Rumsfeld a serré la main de Saddam en une occasion, je vous en trouve 50 d'Harry Truman et de Franklin Roosevelt serrant celle de Staline.

Je suis fatigué de devoir répondre à ces américanophobes. Vraiment. Ma patience a atteint ses limites
Probablement une bonne idée de déterrer mon graphique des "ventes d'armes à l'Irak" alors, celui qui montre précisément qui a armé Saddam Hussein. J'ai créé ce graphique en Mars 2003, en utilisant les sources fournies par le Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI – pas exactement le genre belliqueux BusHitler d'extrême-droite. C'est ce qui fait toute la beauté de la chose.)

La page originale existe toujours physiquement sur le serveur, mais redirige maintenant les utilisateurs vers le nouveau design du site, et son propre lien permanent ici. Il a été lié et repris par de nombreux blogs, dont notamment le prestigieux "The Command Post", et s'est même vu imprimé dans l'édition papier du Weekly Standard.

Malgré ça, et si j'en juge par le post de Dean, il semble qu'il y en ait encore pour l'avoir manqué. Alors allons-y encore un coup : Saddam a été armé par la Russie Soviétique, la France et la Chine.

Ce qui est dingue, c'est que vous n'avez pas vraiment besoin de faits, de chiffres et de jolis graphiques pour comprendre ça : un peu de bon sens suffit amplement. Si vous y regardez de près, dans la première phase de la campagne irakienne, les forces de la Coalition se sont trouvées face à des chars Russes "T-insérez-un-numéro-ici", des chasseurs MiG et une Garde Républicaine armée de Kalashnikovs — également produites en Chine, et connues pour être de moindre qualité, et en conséquence moins chères, que les AK fabriquées en URSS.

Tout ça après que l'Administration Bush se soit coltiné opposition et trahison française à l'ONU.

Ce n'est pas, je répète, ce n'est pas une coïncidence si la Russie, la France et la Chine se retrouvent en top position de ce hit parade.

Juste du bon sens.

Tant que vous êtes parti à démonter les mensonges de la guerre en Irak, vous voudrez peut être jeter un œil au Wiki sur lequel Dean et ses amis travaillent :



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2142 - Grimmy

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  • Grimmy Where I'm at.

Hey there, Mr. Froggy:

You miss the point. We eeveel warmongerizers here in the US of Amerikkka are so sneeky deeky that we managed to sell all of that weaponry to Saddamite the Insane AND route the sales through all those other countries without them being aware.

Yes, we are that good at being eeveel Muahahahahahahahahaha!

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2143 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Yes... Right. But then, Karl Rove sounds a bit swedish, doesn't it?

That Master Trickster Rove must be the eminence grise of the SIPRI... He'd been manipulating the numbers, I'll wager.

Time to take sides

2147 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

Thanks for the graph. It amazes me that leftards can watch their TV news and clearly see all the Soviet weapons and vehicles and yet screech that America armed Iraq. We did in fact sell Saddam TOW misslies and counter-battery radar artillery systems, all of which were used and destroyed during the Iran-Iraq War. And that was all we sold them. We gave them photo recon images. And we worked jointly with France and Italy in helping Iraq build up its medical/pharmecuetical industry, which they promptly used for WMD research and production.

Germany and France and Russia assisted them in building their chemical/pesticide industry. Which they promptly turned to producing nerve agent and mustard agent.

Dual Use. It is not just a function in World of Warcraft!

2148 - 2hotel9

Comment author avatar
  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

And get that name correct! Karl "Evil Mastermind" Rove. Don't be dissing Karl, he will send one of his legion of minions to quash you. And drink all your beer. And weewee in your chilli.

2197 - shlemazl

Comment author avatar

Nice! I may link to your chart next time some idiot starts going on about "Rumsfled supplied chemical weapons to Iraq".