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Necrothreading much?

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Damian (hello Damian!) emailed me an interesting story about the Californian elections and more precisely, about the (in)famous, better known as "The Stupid Angry Left" which, having already demonstrated its hatred for the oppressed during the Iraqi crisis, apparently decided to affirm its stupidity:
The left-wing advocacy group spent $500,000 to run anti-Schwarzenegger ads in major markets in the state yesterday.

"If you're a woman, or your mother is a woman, or your wife, or your daughter, or your sister, if there's a woman at work, you cannot vote for this man because Arnold Schwarzenegger has a serious problem with women," the ad's narrator said.
As Damian wisely notices, we would be very interested in hearing about Californians whose mother, wife, daughter or sister is not a woman.

No seriously.

Please send your testimony and photos to

Please do.

Recent polls suggested that a majority of voters favored dumping the governor, and that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the leading replacement candidate.

"It's time to mix things up," said Mark Laurent, 33, of San Francisco.

But Gretchen Purser, 25, of Berkeley, had a different perspective and said, "I'm horrified at the thought that Schwarzenegger can be our governor. ... I'm sick of Republicans trying to take over the state."
"Trying to take over the state?"

Oh well. I imagine that when one seriously considers that Mom can be... something else than a woman, perceiving the difference between "elections" and "coup" is an assignment of biblical dimensions.

I mean, at least women have tits hairless ears and also they can talk.

Makes them easier to discern from hamsters, even for a 25 years old sick Berkeley Gretchen.

Many thanks, as already noted, to Damian.

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Damian (salut Damian!) m'a passé par email une histoire intéressante concernant les éléctions en Californie et plus précisément sur le sujet des (in)fame(ux), plus connus sous le nom de "Stupide Gauche Haineuse" qui, ayant déjà démontré sa haine pour les opprimés durant la crise irakienne, a apparemment décidé d'affirmer sa stupidité:
Le groupe d'obédience de gauche a dépensé 500,000 dollars pour publier des annonces anti-Schwarzenegger sur les marchés principaux de l'état hier.

"Si vous êtes une femme, ou si votre mère est une femme, ou votre femme, ou votre fille, ou votre soeur, si il y a une femme sur votre lieu de travail, vous ne pouvez pas voter pour cet homme car Arnold Schwarzenegger a un sérieux problème avec les femmes" déclare le narrateur de l'annonce.
Ainsi que Damian le note avec sagesse, nous serions très intéressé d'entendre le point de vue des californiens dont la mère, la femme, la fille ou la soeur n'est pas une femme.

Non, sérieusement.

Veuillez envoyer vos témoignages et photos à

Vraiment, faites le.

De récent sondages ont montré qu'une majorité d'électeurs souhaitaient changer de gouverneur et que l'acteur Arnold Schwarzenegger était le candidat de remplacement favori.

"Il est temps d'inverser tout ça," disait Mark Laurent, 33 ans, de San Francisco.

Mais Gretchen Purser, 25 ans, de Berkeley, avait un point de vue différent et a déclaré, "Je suis horrifiée à la pensée que Schwarzenegger puisse être notre gouverneur. ... Je suis écoeurée des Républicains essayant de prendre le contrôle de l'état."
"Essayant de prendre le contrôle de l'état?"

Oh bon. J'imagine que lorsque l'on peut sérieusement envisager que Maman puisse être... autre chose qu'une femme, percevoir la différence entre "élections" et "coup d'état" est une tâche de dimensions bibliques.

Je veux dire, au moins les femmes ont des nibards oreilles sans poils et aussi elles causent.

Ça les rend plus faciles à différencier des hamsters, même pour une Gretchen de Berkeley écoeurée de 25 ans.

Sincères remerciements, comme indiqué, à Damian.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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782 - TB StLouis

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In California, I suspect, you will find more beings that fit the description than anywhere else!

783 - Papertiger

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California is suffering under a Democratic majority in the state Senate , a Democratic majority in the Assembly , a Democratic majority in the state Supreme Court , a Democratic majority In the 9th circuit Federal court (you might have heard they moved to bar the recall election before being overturned by the main body of the 9th ciruit court) A Democratic Governor and Lt. Governor , All the main Newspapers are shills for the Democrats . You know how you complain about the socialist state of France ? DF I'm a California native and I know exactly how you feel. Don't know how muffy from Berkley could imagine the GOP is taking over the state. We have much to do before we break even let alone take over. P.S. You ever try recall on Chirac? It works !!!

784 - Valerie

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Why did the old song by The Beach Boys come to mind as I read this post? "Wish they all could be California girls...." Papertiger, for your endurance and steadfastness against a corrupt leftist regime and for remaining instead of fleeing as have so many others, I salute you. Hope that you and your long suffering fellow citizens continue the revolt they started today. One man in the governor's office is not going to be enough to reverese the damage wrought by years under this tyranny. Stay strong and watchful, your fellow Americans rejoice in your fight to take back YOUR government.

785 - Papertiger

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hey Valerie when are you going to get Pave france back on-line ? I miss it Charles misses it and even Marc levis misses it.?

786 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

Beware Papertiger: a Valerie can hide another. Some Valerie are not the Valerie you believe they are. I happen to know both, and I can tell you this: in any case, be vewy, vewy careful (they're hunting rabbits, er, liberal lemmings in fact). Indeed, Valerie from valere via Valerius, "to be strong", suggest but one thing: don't mess with them or you'll end up Awarded Chili (with or without the beans is not exactly the issue, but expect lotsa red pepper sauce). These ladies are giving a new meaning to "pugnacity." Run away Papertiger! Run away!
Time to take sides

787 - Valerie

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Papertiger, our gracious host is correct, I am not the erudite and courageous Valerie of Pave France. I thank you for the honor of thinking I was. Hahahaha! Very funny about the chili, DF! That is his sly reference to my being Valerie from Texas, not THE Valerie from France. (Now, where did I put that chainsaw....)

788 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

["(Now, where did I put that chainsaw....)"] All right people, time for everybody to start running like hell, screaming like mad in the woods. C'mon, chop-chop!
Time to take sides

789 - Valerie

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VAROOOM! Run far, run fast, frogman.

790 - TB StLouis

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Hmm I'm getting an idea for a new script....Leather Face in Paris.....It would be huge I tell 'ya!

791 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

If you want my french fries, you'll have to pry them from my cold dead hand.
Time to take sides