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They're totally deluded, we're in for a good laugh.

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Necrothreading much?

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You don't really want me to comment on this. At least, not until you're finished laughing out loud.
French security officials are worried that e-mails sent by government officials from a BlackBerry might be picked up by the US National Security Agency because the servers for BlackBerry mail are located in the United States and Britain, according to Le Monde.

They first notified the government of this risk 18 months ago but have had to reissue the warning, the paper said.

"The risk of interception is real, it's an economic war," Alain Juilllet, a senior French economic intelligence official, told Le Monde.
The risk to French economy is real indeed.
We can't let the Yanks learn how to screw their middle-class as well and deeply as we screwed ours, and bring it down to the level of America's lower class and below,

We can't let the Yanks learn how to boost their unemployment figures from full employment to structural and sustained (like, 30 to 40 years) 10% to 20% unemployed, particularly when, if you see past the sexed up figures, it's more likely around 22 to 25%,

We can't let the Yanks learn how to destroy their economy, marketplace and workforce as well as we destroyed ours - and we can't let them know our many times proven tactics of State control and meddling with every sectors and aspects of our economy,

We can't let the Yanks learn our state of the art techniques of bribery, corruption, State Capitalism a-la-Russe, nepotism and back-scratching, and total collusion between private and public interests in the conduct of said economy,

We can' let the Yankees learn how to target effectively their best and brightest, and either tax them to death or price them out of the country. Furthermore, since many of them went to America, they wouldn't know where to go next — and you can only pack so many entrepreneurs and rock stars in Switzerland anyway.

We certainly can't let the Yanks learn how to leave their rank in the Index of Economic Freedom, and go down to our level or — Heaven forbids — even beat us at the next Oligarchics.

I have to confess one thing, which might come as a shock to many of you: I admire French officials such as that Alain Juillet guy(1).

First, because I didn't even knew this country had such things as "Economic intelligence officials" and am therefore in awe before the sheer variety of ways these people devise to spend my tax money on paychecks for useless bureaucrats.

Then, the next thing with French officials is one which I honestly believe to be unique to them, no matter where you live, and what you have to say about your own government officials. See, I was born here, I live and lived here too long for my own good, and I've been in contact with these people in pretty much every possible ways — you just can't avoid it, as they will try to control and pretend to manage nearly every field of a French citizen's activity.

After each of these (usually) unpleasant encounters, I thought I'd seen it all.

Yet every.single.time you think you've seen the end of these guys delusions of grandeur and relevance and sheer idiocy, they find a way to surprise you and reach yet unattained levels of arrogant stupidity.

Every.single.time. Alain Juillet, who seriously believes that the world's first economy would bother spying on the SMS of a few government officials responsible for the train wreck that's the French economy, one of the worst in the developed world, is just the last in a cohort of self-stuffed French turkeys setting the idiot bar higher.

That's world class, I tell you.

As a side note, I'd like you to remember the short spark of mindless optimism that briefly lit both sides of the pond a few weeks ago — you know, when Sarkozy "the American" was elected. Got it? Okay, now you tell me what these guys who issue reports of a risk for French officials to be spied on by the Evil NSA, and that chatter of "economic war" with America tell you about the so called change of French mood and disposition towards America?

Yep, told you not to dump that tee-shirt too soon.
  1. Though in a twisted way, of course. But do read on instead of standing idly down here.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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Found out! and we are undone....

Sad really, this project cost more than France's entire cheese budget, not the we don't have a few billions lying about.