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I was reading a bit on werewolves at The Crime Library—I like werewolves nearly as much as I like all sorts of zombies—when I stumbled on the following and immediately struggled to keep my last sip of Tarry Souchong1 inside:
[During the Middle Ages] Witch-hunters were especially active in France, a country fighting for its former political glory.
Anybody sharing my convictions in this country when it comes to various issues (such as Capitalism and small government, war against Islamic fascism and the fall of Europe, pro-Americanism and uncompromised support to Israel, etc, etc) can attest that "Witch-hunters are still especially active in France, a country fighting for its, er... Former previous political glory it once enjoyed at some undetermined earlier time.

Just before it lost it. You know, at some point.
  1. As far as I'm concerned, nothing can be really good, unless it's smoked. Meat, fish, cheese, tea, you name it: smoky is yummy.


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