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Feelin' Groovy

Oooh, look the pretty-pretty butterfly! And there's a rainbow too!

the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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Is it just me or the air just got a little fresher, as the world just got a little better?
Top Al Qaeda Leader Abu Ubaida al-Masri Confirmed Dead in Pakistan

Al Qaeda operative and bomb expert Abu Ubaida al-Masri, one of the terror group's top 10 leaders, is dead, a U.S. official confirmed to FOX News Wednesday.

The unidentified official said it is believed that al-Masri died of natural causes, possibly hepatitis, in Pakistan, and are staying away from a report that he was killed in a January CIA predator strike.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, the death of any of those Islamic animals is absolutely natural, no matter the actual cause—but that's just semantics I suppose.

I'll have a beer to celebrate; I just happen to have a few of these in the fridge, and they look particularly appropriate.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (5)

3388 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

WAAAAAY ahead of you! Already killed 6, just popped the top on #7. It is, indeed, a good day for the human race. And may there be many more. Soon.

3389 - DaToad

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  • DaToad Glendale, AZ, USA

Wonderful news. I will have that Queen song running through my head for the rest of the day. It seems to happen every time I hear that another one of the goat felching bastards bites the dust.

3390 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

Does the fact that he died of natural causes mean that he doesn't get his 73-year-old-virgin?

3392 - Proof

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  • Proof Stockton, Callifornia, USA

Too Tall: I think that's supposed to be a 72 year old raisin!

3393 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

Well, I'm still learning!