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In a France crippled with geriatric Socialisms from both the Left and the Right, and their cohort of deficiency and disease, could a single book cure the French from mental debility and spare them a painful and violent agony?

They would have to take their medicine read it first, of course.

Let's give them a taste of it: (translation by your devoted frogman)
In the past, the open society found itself confronted with Nazism, and then with Communism. Today it confronts with Islam such as it is, with militant Islam, with Islam's soldiers. The danger is different: it's not embodied in an army backed by a State anymore.

This danger is 8 centuries old and at the same time it's a 20th century danger, scattered, diffuse, able to use today's technologies and discourses to propagate itself. (...)

If militant Islam is the main danger, it has, today, multiple partners of sacking and destruction. Former or new Nazis, anti-Semites of all allegiance. People from the Right and the Far Right, blinded by their own hatreds, or people from the Left and the Far Left lost by their own dogmas. (...) All of those who divide, fragment, hurt, erode, deteriorate the West.

The West... You do not like this word, I know. For me it means so much: all that could be lost if we do not care. Indiscriminately, and once again: respect of the individual, the right to have rights, freedom to act and to think, spirit of venture, sciences, Humanism. It is true, I have not used that word so far: Humanism. (...) Militant Islam, and more widely today's Islam, is one of the root component of anti-Humanism. This is what I think. This is what I say. It has to change.

30 years ago, the cohorts were protesting, shouting "make love, not war». Indeed, they allowed people in South Vietnam to make neither love nor war, but to end atrociously tortured by the hundreds of thousands. 20 years ago, the same cohorts were marching, saying "better red than dead». Today, they say "better green-Islam than dead». They also say: "woo, not war». Woo the dictators and the terrorists of the Muslim world, not war, oh! no... Admit the defeat. Consent to say that you are defeated...

Should we accept, it would be more than open societies that would be defeated: it would be the very idea of open society. The world would slide down to an era of barbarity unknown for centuries. We can fight, yes. We have to fight. This is just the beginning. Let an unbiased debate begin. At last!
I have little hope that today's heirs of the spirit of Munich, those rude and selfish children of "the 35 hours" who draw a striking and very concerning parallel of lethal airiness with their grandparent from the 1936 Popular Front, can still wake up and learn how to defend their freedom and values - if it's not to late already - or to aim and fire a rifle - if it is too late to save the babe. I have in fact little hope that they actually want to.

Just like their grandparents, yes.

But who knows. In the past, for the good as for the worse, so many changes started with a single book that I could be wrong this time.

Article copy (alternate language)

Dans une France percluse de gériatriques socialismes de droite comme de gauche, et de leur cohorte de déficiences et de maladies, se pourrait-il qu'un seul livre soit en mesure de soigner les français de la débilité mentale et de leur épargner une violente et douloureuse agonie ?

Il leur faudrait suivre le traitement le lire avant tout, bien entendu.

Donnons leur un avant-goût :
La société ouverte autrefois s'est trouvée confrontée au nazisme, puis au communisme. Elle se trouve aujourd'hui confrontée à l'islam tel qu'il est, à l'islam militant, aux soldats de l'islam. Le danger est différent : il ne s'incarne plus dans une armée appuyée sur un Etat.

C'est un danger vieux de huit siècles et, en même temps, un danger du XXIe siècle, disséminé, diffus, capable d'utiliser les technologies et les discours d'aujourd'hui pour se propager. (...)

Si l'islam militant est le principal danger, il a, aujourd'hui, de multiples compagnons de saccage et de destruction. Anciens ou nouveaux nazis, antisémites de toutes obédiences. Gens de droite et d'extrême droite aveuglés par leurs propres haines, ou gens de gauche et d'extrême gauche égarés par leurs propres dogmes. (...) Tous ceux qui divisent, fragmentent, blessent, érodent, détériorent l'Occident.

L'Occident... Vous n'aimez pas ce mot, je sais. Pour moi, il désigne tant : tout ce qui pourrait se perdre si nous n'y prenions garde. En vrac encore une fois : respect de l'individu, droit d'avoir des droits, liberté d'agir et de penser, esprit d'entreprise, sciences, humanisme. Et c'est vrai, je n'ai pas employé ce mot jusqu'ici : humanisme. (...) L'islam militant, et plus largement l'islam aujourd'hui, est l'une des composantes matricielles de l'anti-humanisme. Je le pense. Je le dis. Cela doit changer.

Voici trente ans, les cohortes défilaient en criant : "Faites l'amour, pas la guerre». Et elles ont effectivement permis aux gens du Sud-Vietnam de ne faire ni la guerre ni l'amour, mais de finir atrocement suppliciés par centaines de milliers. Voici vingt ans, les mêmes cohortes défilaient en disant : "Plutôt rouge que mort». Aujourd'hui, elles disent : "Plutôt vert-islam que mort». Elles disent aussi : "Faites la cour, pas la guerre». Faites la cour aux dictateurs et aux terroristes du monde musulman, pas la guerre, oh! non... Acceptez la défaite. Acceptez de dire que vous êtes vaincus...

Si nous acceptions, ce serait bien davantage que les sociétés ouvertes qui seraient vaincues : ce serait l'idée même de société ouverte. Le monde glisserait vers une ère de barbarie sans précédent depuis des siècles. On peut se battre, oui. On doit se battre. Ce n'est que le commencement. Qu'un débat non biaisé commence. Enfin!
J'ai bien peu d'espoir que les héritiers contemporains de l'esprit de Munich, ces enfants égoïstes et mal élevés des 35 heures qui tracent un parallèle frappant et très inquiétant avec l'insouciance mortelle de leurs grands-parents du Front Populaire de 1936, puissent encore se réveiller et apprendre comment défendre leur liberté et leurs valeurs - si il n'est pas déjà trop tard - ou viser et faire feu - s'il est trop tard sauver la belle. J'ai en fait bien peu d'espoir qu'ils n'en aient réellement la volonté.

A l'instar de leurs grands-parents, oui.

Mais qui sait. Par le passé, pour le bien comme pour le pire, tant de changements ont été initiés par un seul livre que je puis bien avoir tort cette fois.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (6)

1248 - Nightfly

Comment author avatar
This seems like an interesting little book; I hope to see an English edition sometime for us poor unfortunate monolingual types. I tried to follow the little editorial at the bottom of the page to which you linked, but with little success. Did the writer call Msr. Millière an Islamaphobe, and guilty of "a new form of racism"? What am I missing?

1249 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

The writer is Millière actually, and one of the basis for this pamphlet of his is indeed the dangerous weight of the current state of political correctness, that recently gave birth in France to this brand new convenient term of "Islamophobe" - brandished as the ultimate argument against anybody who dare to question to worse aspects of Islam. It actually came into replacement of the previous favorite one, that was "racism", as soon as the Islamofascists' useful fools in the West grasped the fact that "racism" pertaining to a religion wasn't exactly relevant: it took them quite some time to understand that Islam is not a "race".
Time to take sides

1250 - Sasquach

Comment author avatar
The book that might save them is "Atlas Shrugged". I know... Ayn Rand just dosen't translate into french. What was I thinking...nevermind.

1251 - Nightfly

Comment author avatar
DF - thanks for the clarification. I guess I didn't expect the Left to bother with a new term for their irrational fears; at least, not an accurate term. - NF

1252 - S.A. Smith

Comment author avatar
Here are a few articles written by Milliere that have been translated into English. The thing about Milliere is that just when I start to think that perhaps he goes too far, I put myself in his position (a man who truly values Western civilization, like our esteemed Dissident Frogam himself) and I understand. As Christopher Hitchens' says, Islamofascism represents in a single entity all that is despicable in opposition to all that we cherish. It's bad enough for us Americans, but if I were a Frenchman, with centuries of history to reflect upon, I would cry. Where is the will and the courage in the people?

1253 - Elizabeth

Comment author avatar
Thanks for the small "taste" from Guy Millier's new book. I'm very happy that it's finally to be published in France and the timing couldn't be better. With the Madrid bombing fresh in their minds, the French reader will be eager for information on what this new enemy 'Islamic terror' is and how to combat it. Bon chance!