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France, December 15th 2019

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Benghazi was a state-sponsored terrorist attack, carried out on orders from the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran.Kenneth Timmerman Dark Forces: the truth about what happened in Benghazi

Steve Bannon:

Bannon also used his visit to call Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen one of most important people in the world, according to French mediaBreitbart London Bannon in France: ‘History Is On Our Side’

Marion Le Pen:

American judicial imperialism is an obstacle to French investments in IranMarion Le Pen l’impérialisme juridique américain, un obstacle pour l’investissement français en iran


Quick question to CPAC: how will it help either Trump or the Conservative cause to mingle with one of the most prominent members of a party whose foreign policy articulates around:

  1. Rabid anti-Capitalism and anti-Americanism
  2. Leaving NATO and strengthening ties with Russia and Iran

re CPAC 2018 speakers


Former Obama Secretary of State Richard Stengel argues that Hurricane Harvey is partially man-made—and I agree: whenever people like him open their mouth, wind builds up.


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the dissident frogman: a voté. As a reminder, Paris, place de la Bastille, presidential elections night circa 2012:

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