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Necrothreading much?

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Point A:
Collective, albeit temporary answer to the people who emailed me with a question along the line of:
How/Where can I order your "Vote for Kerry" bumper stickers.
Practically speaking, these are not bumper stickers yet. I made them as web banners (meaning, without being too technical, that the picture's resolution is not high enough for printing stickers).

But since there seems to be quite a consensus - and a demand - on their natural destination as a car argument ornament, I'm definitely going to produce sticker versions. I'm just a bit short on time currently.

So stick with me (yeah, that's an easy one).
Point B:
I'm afraid I'm not that happy with CafePress' practices, forsomereason, including, but not limited to, the benefit margin they offer to the store owners.

Yep. I'm one of those free-market individualists, which means I have no shame in making money with my mind's creations.

So I'll fall back on CafePress only if I can't find another alternative. Printing and selling them by myself from France would be counter-productive (I imagine the shipping rate by itself would double the price) and too time demanding anyway.

Hence this call to my esteemed readership: any idea for an alternative? I guess it has to be US based, able to deal with the production, order and shipping. And willing to drop a little percentage for the frogman, who is not that greedy (As far as you sell an awful lot of them, punk).

Apart from the four currently on top of the home page, there is already a fifth unreleased here, made on demand for an American fellow under the burden of the German equivalence of French anti-Americanism. It goes "Turn Germany all but merry, vote for John Kerry".

More can come - and will surely. When you start playing with cheap rhymes and a political hammer, the sky is the limit and I definitely have a feel for this kind of exercises.

Talking about hammers, God knows that when it comes to Mr. Kerry, so many things do look like a nail.
Point C:
I'm dead serious with Point B. Should you have an idea or a proposal, hit the yellow button on the main page, and contact me.

Bear in mind though that ever since I started this blog, I've received ten times more death threats from my "fellow" Frenchmen - so proud of their country's tradition of human rights and freedom of speech (as opposed to the racist-fascist-US-police-state) that they're dying to shut my dissenting voice down - than the total number of days Mr. Kerry served in Vietnam.

And since that's nothing compared to those who tried the Trojan Method ("Hello I really really really love les younitedstats just like you, let's meet d'accord?"), I'll give the priority to the people I already know - or those who come with a recommendation from them.
Anybody who is not popping out of nowhere, with an unverifiable email addy (as in connected being a redirection proxy in Spain or Hungary will be welcome next.

So if you're genuine, don't give up.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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1264 - mjh

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Has no one commented on this? I don't have a blog w. the eyeballs to attract a ton of customers, but I am based in the US. I'd be very happy to do some research for you and see what I can find in terms of online stores here, and printing them up for sale here. I think these would be BIG sellers...

1266 - lola

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Bonjour Monsieur, mon commentaire est hors de propos, mais tout de même: ce qui séduit chez vous, qu'on partage ou non tout ou partie de vos positions, c'est votre indépendance. Ma toute petite cervelle pois-chiche parvient tout juste à comprendre la portée future du combat des américains au Proche Orient, à mesurer l'impact de cette entreprise sur l'avenir de l'humanité. Beaucoup de bonne volonté pour comprendre pourquoi il y a plusieurs camps en Occident, croyez-moi. C'est l'attentat à Madrid qui a été, en définitive, l'élément révélateur. Et pourtant, à l'heure où la Grèce choisit le nationalisme, comment expliquer la notoriété croissante de John Kerry ainsi que le choix des Espagnols? L'Europe occidentale a-t-elle une place dans le futur "monde libre"? Tout-à-coup, tout semble basculer...