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Say, That's A Nice Car ♠ Dis, C'est Une Chouette Voiture

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Necrothreading much?

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Well, you know I'm mostly into this for the cash, the cars and the cuties.

However, it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock'n'roll)... Say, how do you like that Australian reference coming straight from my wild and unbridled teen-age years?

Come to think of it, I had (have) quite a few Australian references in my wild and unbridled teen-age years. Anybody here ever heard about the Butcher and Fast Eddy? Oh well... I moved to rather different musical horizons over the years, but these were never fully forgotten I can tell you.


Okay, first: don't even think about asking for pictures of the unbridled years. Next: no, bleeding heart nostalgia of an idealized past is not my style (that would be the millenarian Ecolonazi shaman next door, thank you).

I do miss my bitch bike though.

Having said that, my interest in cars always surpassed bikes, so I can't say I miss it that much, really (I mean the bike, you phallocentric fool).
You can therefore cheer at the ability with which I brought you back to my initial topic - after a short digression on Australian musical references of the late 70s/early 80s that some of you are probably still googling (it's not that difficult to find, really) - that is to say, cars.

I can't tell you much as far as money and wimmen are concerned (and fame too. I almost forgot that I'm into this blog thing for fame as well), but speaking about cars, my stats just told me about Corvette fans enjoying the frogman's humble work.

Corvette. Hear me drooling.

Surely, if I ever set a foot on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean, one of you guys would take a hitchhiker for a ride? I have adopting parents pen pals to visit in Texas.

Anybody heading in that direction?

My old man - hillclimbing and rallye driver in his time - always told me that the dream car of his wild and unbridled youth was the AC Cobra, and boy, is she an outstanding beauty indeed.

But as much as I love and respect you Dad, I have to disagree. For if I was to discover the US from the seat of a car (what else would be better, anyway?), the Corvette fits my personal American mythology much better.

I'd go Chevrolet, all the way.

If I were to digress again, I wouldn't fail to point at the fact that this is yet another field where the numerous collectivist variants proved how irrelevant they are. One word: Trabant.

Granted, that's trivial compared to their murder records.

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Bien, vous savez que je suis principalement sur ce coup là pour le cash, les bagnoles et les gonzesses.

Cependant, it's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock'n'roll)... Dites, comment trouvez-vous cette référence australienne en provenance directe de mes années d'adolescence sauvage et débridée ?

Puisque j'y pense, j'avais (j'ai) un certain nombre de références australiennes dans mes années d'adolescence sauvage et débridée. Quelqu'un ici a entendu parler de the Butcher and Fast Eddy? Oh bon... J'ai exploré, comme on dit, de différents horizons musicaux par la suite, mais ceux là n'ont jamais été complètement oubliés, je peux vous l'affirmer.


Okay, premièrement : ne pensez même pas à demander des images des années débridées. Ensuite : non, la nostalgie larmoyante d'un passé idéalisé n'est pas mon style (voyez plutôt le shaman millénariste écolonazi de la porte d'à côté, merci).

Ma pétasse bécane me manque un peu, pourtant.

Mais cela dit, mon intérêt pour les voitures a toujours surpassé celui que j'avais pour les motos et je ne peux donc pas dire qu'elle me manque tant que ça, franchement (On parle de la bécane, pauvre taré de phallocrate).
Vous pouvez en conséquence applaudir mon habileté à vous ramener sur le sujet initial - après une courte digression consacrée aux références musicales australiennes de la fin des années 70/début 80, que certains d'entre vous sont probablement toujours en train de googler (Ce n'est pas si dur à trouver, vraiment) - c'est à dire, les bagnoles.

Je ne peux vous en dire trop en ce qui concerne l'argent et les femmes (et la gloire. J'ai failli oublier que j'étais dans ce trucs de blogs pour la gloire aussi), mais en ce qui concerne les voitures, mes stats viennent juste de me parler de fans de Corvette qui apprécient l'humble travail du frogman.

Corvette. Ecoutez moi baver.

Les gars, si je mets jamais les pieds du bon côté de l'océan Atlantique, l'un de vous prendra bien un auto-stoppeur pour un tour ? J'ai des parents adoptifs relations épistolaires à visiter au Texas.

Quelqu'un va dans cette direction ?

Mon vieux père - pilote de rallye et de course de côte en son temps - m'a toujours dit que la voiture de rêve de sa jeunesse sauvage et débridée était l'AC Cobra, et nom d'un chien, est-elle d'une fabuleuse beauté en effet.

Mais pour autant que je t'aime et te respecte Papa, je me dois de désapprouver. Car si je dois découvrir les Etats-Unis depuis le siège d'une voiture (Quelle meilleure place, de toutes manières ?), la Corvette est bien plus adaptée à ma mythologie américaine personnelle.

Je choisi Chevrolet, sans hésiter.

Si je devais digresser à nouveau, je ne manquerai pas de pointer le fait qu'il s'agit là encore d'un domaine dans lequel les nombreuses variantes de collectivisme ont prouvé leur inanité. Un seul mot : Trabant.

Mais je vous l'accorde, c'est franchement trivial comparé à leurs performances en terme de meurtre.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (6)

1258 - DJS

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I don't have a Corvette but if you want I could pick you up at the docks in my Renault Alliance? [url=][/url] Well, OK, maybe not......

1259 - Sparkey

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My son had a Corvette for a couple of years. Fun to drive, but it kind of grates on you after a while. Every jerk on the highway wants to see what their piece of junk can do against the king. They'll come up alongside in the right lane and slow down just so you can't get over until you're forced to blow their doors off. It's fun at first, but it never ends. He's driving an SUV now, but has a Z-28 in the garage for when he wants to get somewhere fast.

1260 - Joe

Comment author avatar
That Cobra sure is a beaut! I always loved the form.

1262 - Thomas

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Ahhhh.... Rose Tattoo - damned loud band that. When touring the club/pub circuit they generally had their power turned off due to noise violations. Still got some of their old cassettes that I edumacate my 15yr old son for his music appreciation. Better than M'n'M, Red Hot Capsicums etc. Australian Pub Rock of the 70's &0's - best music in the world.

1263 - Tonya

Comment author avatar
Single female (who's sleepless in Seattle) w/95 black ZR1 % 00' Red C-5 convertable. Only one thing I know of that beats a drive down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, and since I'm a lady (ahem..) I'll refrain from going any further. Seriously, as wondeful as your imagination can conjur up, times it by 10, then you'll have a glimpse of what it's like behind the wheel of a beautiful beast known as the corvette. Whatever ailes you, it will cure it... And as the saying goes, "Life begins at 180......... I've been here for a few hours and have been reading feverishly everything on your site. Not the norm for me as I have the patience of a mosquito.. I spend half my time in the states, the other half abroad, Italy primarily. Since the Iraq War began, I've dreaded my trips abroad a little more each time. And until now, I guess I hadn't realized how distressed I was about it. I AM DISTRESSED ABOUT IT. I thought I knew the people and the places, and I felt accepted, even appreciated. Not lately, not anymore. I haven't changed, so what gives? I've been tempted to engage in political (With my Italian/french collegues) conversations recently, but somehow I know it would be futile. I've always been a proud American, now I cringe everytime I have to show my passport at the airport in Milan. I'm dedicated in what I do (a physician w/doctors without borders) I travel abroad, mostly at my own expense, to offer my time and skill (gladly, I should say) to help whoever might need it. Not for the money, because we get none, but because it was the way I was brought up AND because of the way it makes me feel about me(yep, corny, but true).Of course there are a few selfish reasons, but overall I've always felt great about what I'm trying to do with my life. Nonetheless, it's getting harder and harder to commit myself because of the "climate" over there. "America is the demon of the west" that's what an Italian physician told me (to my face and in my face). Like I said, I'm not going to be detered by the ignorance that I seem to be incresingly facing, however not all my collegues feel the same. Two VERY talented surgeons have opted out on the next round. They actually feel fearful for their safety and I can't say as I blame them. I can't tell you how angry that makes me. I can tell you that your site has lifted my spirits, so back I go to my packing, I head out again in the AM. Along with the book I'm in the middle of, I'll be reading your archives (I'm printing out now) on my flight out. THANK YOU.