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Notice: we ask for our readers' indulgence, but due to stretchy pants this picture wasn't taken this morning.

Top cool things about this morning’s 6:00 AM run-in-the-woods routine: starting up under a full moon at an unexpectedly cold predawn hour—Autumn is definitely coming here—and going as the sun slowly rises up in the same crystal clear sky.

Top annoying things about this morning’s 6:00 AM run-in-the-woods routine: spotting a couple of utterly tranquil roe deer in the early morning mist watching me unalarmed, THUS feeling a bit miffed that I couldn’t pack a camera in my (stretchy) running pants.

Or a rifle, for that matter.

Ah yes, perhaps you’re wondering. Indeed, unlike your average practical caveman I do happen to run regularly, even when I do not have a foe to flee or a female to chase1. There is some pretty nasty merde coming down our way in France—perhaps even on the rest of Old Europe—ranging from increasingly violent social unrest to full scale civil war. That’s a given, considering the fetid mix of dominant and disastrous Left and Far-Left politics and parties, the resulting Far-Right rising to the opportunity of feeding on Gallic aborigines’ discontent and fuel their larvated racial prejudices, and the hordes of young French Jihad trainees who will come of age in the next 10 years.

Although there is no way of telling exactly who, what, and when the merde will hit the fan, I know that either the lone rifleman’s Shoot-and-Relocate Power Combo and the team based Fire & Maneuver moves can’t accommodate short-breathed players.

Anybody foolish enough to go soft and complacent these days is like that majority of 1936 French who wouldn’t let the goose-stepping sounds over the German border spoil the Popular Front Party, and distract them from their newly acquired “paid vacations” when it was already obvious that the time for fun, games and welfare benefits had passed.

  1. And vice versa.


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