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15 years and 9 months ago

Islamic 5th Column: Sharia-Compliant Finance coming to America

the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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Think the subprime crisis was bad? Wait til you've seen financial Jihad.

Our Iwo Gina Early Warning System sounds the alarm: Wall Street, what's next?. Bits and pieces just to arouse and aggravate you enough to go there and read it all:
Tragically, in the process of leaping out of the scalding subprime frying pan, Wall Street is heading directly into a fire that promises, if anything, to be more devastating than the present disaster. Incredibly, it bears all the hallmarks of subprime with respect to a lack of transparency, a systematic failure to disclose and an utter absence of due diligence, good governance and accountability. The next "what" is called Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF). (...) Like subprime, it is a black box, in which management and investors alike are told to trust in the experts. In this case, the experts are Shariah authorities who are accorded exclusive responsibility for determining whether investments are "pure" (halal) and therefore acceptable, or "impure" (haram) and not. (...)

[...] these authorities are, unsurprisingly, adherents to Shariah. A number of them explicitly embrace its call to jihad (including a former senior member of the Dow Jones Islamic Index, Sheik Taqi Usmani). This "holy war" is to be waged where possible through violent means, where necessary through "soft" means like Shariah-Compliant Finance. For this reason, such Islamists call SCF "financial jihad."


David Yerushalmi, a litigator specializing in securities law and an expert on Shariah, produced a riveting legal memorandum (...) examining the civil and criminal exposure inherent in Shariah-Compliant Finance [Acrobat PDF — DF]. His conclusion: banks and investment houses offering SCF products may be enabling or engaging in the following: racketeering, antitrust activity, securities fraud, consumer fraud and/or material support for terror.

What makes Shariah-Compliant Finance even more dangerous than subprime is that, in its effort to legitimize and institutionalize Shariah in America, it is advancing a criminal conspiracy whose purpose is the violent overthrow of the United States Constitution and government in favor of Islamic rule. That would make it sedition.
Read it all and start thinking about options and measures to take.

This is potentially far more dangerous for America than a few scumbags crossing the border to take one way flight lessons.

Don't let that happen.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (9)

3743 - TooTall

Comment author avatar

Thanks DF and Iwo Gina for giving me lots to think about. I'll be scratching my scalp raw over this.

3751 - 2hotel9

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  • 2hotel9 Western Pennsylvania

This is absolute insanity. And it has the wholehearted support of Democrats and the rest of the leftarded morons in our government. I have been hearing telltale rumblings of this for some time now, and it is being stealthed into the global banking and investing system. Has been for about 15 years now.

3753 - Saurus

Comment author avatar
  • Saurus Peoples Republic of New York, USA

If anyone has bothered to read the link to the original WashTimes article, it would be noted that the first 3 comments on this are complaints by Muslims! They first complain that the article is totally false, then accuse the writer of being a Zionast out to get Muslims.

Like the Obamamaniacs, the jihadists apparently have their network out playing "get in their faces!" too.

Nice catch, DF - trackback coming.

3755 - the dissident frogman

Comment author avatar
  • the dissident frogman France

Thanks a bunch Saurus, but I just did the typing: it was Iwo Gina who did the catching. She deserves full credit for that.

Time to take sides

3758 - Saurus

Comment author avatar
  • Saurus Peoples Republic of New York, USA

I understand, DF:) If I had a blog address I would send her a trackback too, but I don't. I read it here so credited you as my source:)

An honest man ... what a concept!

3760 - TBinSTL

Comment author avatar
  • TBinSTL St Louis MO USA

Glad you gave us the "heads up" on this one. This is why I go into a funk when you don't post for a while, DF! You know I've been a big fan of yours from way back. I'm spending my time between DF posts over at mostly. We have a regular commenter named Franchie that I've often wished you could smack around over there. We try to be polite, assuming she is not being clear because of her less than optimal English but I really think she is just what you've been warning us about for years now. She's prouder of France's failings than its triumphs(we know they exist too).

3761 - Iwo Gina

Comment author avatar
  • Iwo Gina Maryland

Saurus: I came across this article during my regular routine of daily news consumption and this just scared the bejeezus out of me! I figured the best, most efficient way of getting this article to as many readers as possible was to forward the link to DF, and he hasn't failed me. He has once again donned Sister Toldja's lightly perfumed lavender scarf and done me proud by posting not only the link, but some of the more alarming passages (sorry, Sister - he may be wearing your scarf, but he's my hero today!)

I am convinced that he has more readers that span the spectrum of political views, and most definitely more readers in more countries, than does the Washington Times. This was an important article and it needs to be read by as many people - especially in the US - as possible in as short a time as possible. And DF is right - we have got to do something to stop this! This cannot come to pass - it would mark the beginning of the end of us. I believe it is that serious.

DF: I also want to take this time to thank you for allowing us to use your blog site to address and inform. You do us a great service, at personal expense, and also (I am convinced) at some personal risk. You are one of those who "also serve" - you are (in my opinion) this century's Lafayette, and I am very grateful to you.

Iwo Gina

3765 - Saurus

Comment author avatar
  • Saurus Peoples Republic of New York, USA

My thanks for passing the catch on to DF, Gina. It's a good find and a critical one. I wish I had the time to do as much searching as I'd like to do, but now confine myself to just a few I know will "get it right", like DF's, JAWA, NiceDeb, and a few others less widely read.

3768 - peetmaster

Comment author avatar

this cannot be true. yielding to islamists even where they did the worse - on Wall Street? This should never happen.