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Necrothreading much?

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Once, the root cause was "poverty", now it's "thugocracy". If you won't beat them, just call them any other name:

The Associated Press: French Leader: Thug Culture Caused Riots

President Nicolas Sarkozy rejected the notion Thursday that a recent bout of rioting was part of a wider social crisis, blaming instead a "thugocracy" in France's housing projects. (...) He insisted the unrest had "nothing to do with a social crisis. That has everything to do with the thugocracy."

That's not being very nice to these poor disaffected "youths", already discriminated against as they are by the racist white French mainstream society that would rather submerge them with a complete array of social welfare and services than let them access their privileged unemployment economy. Greedy bastards, heh?

However, it does serve a double purpose for the French president, by first denying the "wider social crisis", as he brushes aside the fact that there is a serious problem with a second - and sometimes third, considering the young age of some of the "rioters" - generation of immigrants that drops out of the Republic's school as soon as possible, learn and speak Arabic rather than French, would sooner abide to Sharia Law and customs than to the Napoleonic Code, and regards the rest of the society they belong through a racial and racist scope, explicitly excluding themselves from the French appellation and dubbing every white people "Gauls" - when they're being polite. And, I'm sorry to say, have been strongly and consistently encouraged to do so by some 30 years of politically correct and multicultural French politicians and self-proclaimed elite, present President included.

Next, reducing those organized and hierarchized "rioters" to mere thugs serves the purpose of hiding(1) the fact that Islam(ism, I suppose...) is the main driving force behind the "riots", that it fits a pattern observed and verified worldwide but particularly in Europe, and that far from a "wider social crisis", it is the visible effect of a wider cultural, civilizational and political(2) crisis. It is the result of a concerted and consistent long term project - that Western counterintelligence agencies called flatly "The Project" - and that everything we've witnessed in Europe these past years is working according to a plan(3).

Sarkozy has been one of the main empowering agents of radical Muslims in France, through his stubborn pushing of the establishment of the Conseil Français du Culte Musulman (French Muslim Cult Council) that - unsurprisingly - saw French Muslims vote and elect a majority of radical Islamic associations and organizations to this state endorsed national council, rather than the more "moderate" ones back in 2002, even though Mr. Sarkozy claimed he would "never let the [Islamic] fundamentalists sit at the table of the Republic", in his usual pompous rhetoric.

So hey, I'm not drawing any conclusions yet, but I'll keep trying to match the man's words with his actions.

Little luck so far.

  1. Or at least severely downplaying it, as no matter how sleepwalking the French are, some things just don't go unnoticed.
  2. War being a continuation of politics by other means according to remarkably relevant Prussian military thinker.
  3. Not mentioning the fact that French counter-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, putting to rest the myth of a millionaire bin Laden financing global Jihad, found over a decade watching Islamist networks that the fighting cells of the Religion of Peace financed themselves through petty thieve frauds and schemes rather than big money. When it comes to the Parisian suburb's "thugocracy" there's more than meet the eyes...



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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