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As demonstrated by nearly 1400 years of unrelenting warfare and terrorism against the rest of the world, proselytism and submission by the sword, enslavement and genocide of non-Muslims — believers of other faiths and atheists alike — Islam is The Religion of Peace, Oh my brothers.

Tel que démontré par presque 1400 de guerre et de terrorisme contre le reste du monde, de prosélytisme et de soumission par le sabre, d'esclavage et de génocide des non-Musulmans — fidèles d'autres croyances et athées — l'Islam est La Religion de la Paix, Oh mes frères.


Under Reconstruction

Hey, where's all the stuff?

I am rebuilding the site from the ground up.

As of November 29, 2020, only basic blogging is implemented.

Features that were previously available—and a bunch of new ones—are still under (re)construction, and will be deployed gradually as soon as they are ready. That includes the site-wide search engine, the blogroll, membership registration and, well, more...

So all the stuff is coming back?

Yes, thank you for your patience.

Note that some of the legacy content (anything I published before the current redesign) may not display as expected—this will be addressed in the future.


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