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the dissident frogman 16 years and 9 months ago

Necrothreading much?

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Sorry folks, but it appears the busy part largely took over the chaotic one, and I have not been able to post in the past week.

Plus, I've had me some Adventures in Adversity and I also have the hunting and killing of a venomous snake (that looks like Vipera aspis from what I'm told) added to my to-do list. While I would favor my good old 12 gauge over anything else for that kind of duty, the close neighborhood environment requires a stealthier option; making it a perfect opportunity for my silenced and scoped .22 and her subsonic little friends(1) — this should be more fun than work.

More on that soon, as my schedule is beginning to clear up a bit.

How are you, Dear Reader(2), holding up? Killed anything interesting lately?
  1. Sure, I could probably kill it with a showel, and throw it to rot on the pile of manure in my friends' garden. But where would be the dignity in that? No animal deserves to be killed without honor. Apart from the Common Mujahedin of course.
  2. Who might even be called Kim.

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Désolé, il semble que la partie chaos a largement pris le pas sur la partie chargée, et je n'ai pas pu poster tout au long de la semaine passée.

Il m'est, de plus, arrivé des Aventures dans l'Adversité, et je viens de voir la traque et la mise à mort d'un serpent venimeux (qui semble être Vipera aspis d'après mes sources) ajoutées à ma liste de tâches. D'ordinaire, je choisirai sans hésiter mon bon vieux calibre 12 pour ce genre de travail, mais l'environnement de voisinage très rapproché requiert une approche plus discrète; ce qui en fait une opportunité parfaite pour ma .22 à silencieux et lunette d'approche, et ses petites amies subsoniques(1) — ça devrait être plus du loisir que du travail, d'ailleurs.

J'y reviendrais très bientôt, car mon agenda commence à se libérer un peu.

Et vous, Cher Lecteur, comment ça va ? Z'avez tué quelque chose d'intéressant dernièrement ?
  1. Ouais, je pourrais probablement la tuer avec une pelle et la laisser pourrir sur le tas de fumier dans le jardin de mes amis. Mais où serai la dignité dans tout ça ? Aucun animal ne mérite d'être tué sans honneur. A l'exception du Moudjahiddin Commun, bien entendu.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (15)

2275 - Squid

Comment author avatar

Let us know if the noble reptile died honorably. If so, that will be a more fitting end than the squalid deaths of suicide bombers, staining both themselves and their victims.

2276 - tinga-tinga

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Before you shoot the snake, or run it over with a Bradley, weaving across your compound in a crazy, Heart of Darkness kind of way, can you advise about log-in toggle buttons that don't respond to repeated pressure?

2277 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

Squid: the snake died well, with a display of bravery that none of the self-exploding sons of Allah can attain, ever.

tinga-tinga: this seems to be a very rare affliction, as you are the second user only who ran into this issue. As two annoyed users is... two too many, I'll see to provide a workaround, by way of an alternate login page ASAP (and cut on the two-too-to in short sentences such as this one).

In the meantime I suggest you make sure Javascript support is enabled in your browser of choice, or try with another browser, as this has been known to work. I've tested the whole thing under various browsers and OSes configurations, but depending on each users and their personal sets of plugins, extensions and stuff, inconsistent results can happen. Sorry for the annoyance, and again, I'll see to provide an alternative very soon.

Time to take sides

2278 - Grimmy

Comment author avatar
  • Grimmy Where I'm at.

Good to see you back to posting, sir.

Also, good to hear things went well in your contest against the belly crawler.

Where does the light go, when the light goes out?

2279 - tinga-tinga

Comment author avatar

Thanks for the reply. Not annoyed, just puzzled. The register toggle works - see? Am registered. But the log-in toggle still doesn't respond. Why one and not the other? Don't know enough about these things, but as you suggested will look at the Javascript enabling in the meantime. Thanks!

2280 - KL

Comment author avatar

There are two kinds of men in this world, men who get $400 dollar haircuts, and cry at chick flicks and men who can kill a nasty snake with shovel or shot gun. Are you single, Frogman. :)

2281 - floridasuzie

Comment author avatar
  • floridasuzie Florida

My log-in buttons have come down with the very rare punch, punch, punch...affliction, too. I thought I might be having problems with my keyboard, I'm glad someone else mentioned it and it'll be fixed :) Now I can call my computer fewer dastardly names, heh.


2282 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France


tinga-tinga: that's because the 'register' link is not a toggle one, it's a straight hypertext link that takes you to a different page.

The 'login' link on the other hand is pure Javascript that slides down a box containing the login form -- allowing you (well, granted, not you yet) to login from the page you're currently on. The idea being that it saves the user one extra page loading step.

tinga-tinga & Suzie: working on the fix. Would you mind telling me wich browser version and operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS - as well as their version) you're using?

The thing is, it would be easier to fix if I could reproduce the bug - as it is desperatly working fine on my side.

Time to take sides

2283 - manoffireandlight

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  • manoffireandlight

Killed a blackbird that flew into my windscreen, lots of mosquitos. I don't have a gun yet, the gun control laws are pretty draconian in the UK, though an air rifle for small game is on the near horizon - I'm starting an MSc course in September and need to reduce my expenditures, so free food would help a lot.

2284 - floridasuzie

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  • floridasuzie Florida


I use Windows XP. I hate for you to have to worry with fixing it after your busy week, I don't mind pressing the button a few times. Heck, it helps me get out my aggressions :) I just appreciate you keeping this blog, so hey, I ain't gonna complain too much.