The Mohamed Siege Continues

6 years and 9 months ago

The Mohamed Siege Continues

No sleep till al-Ǧannah

Endgame: The Mohamed is Dead (Thursday, around 11:30)

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Well, what do you know? Looks like the whole business of shutting down power and moving operators into the building didn't spell "Assault" after all. Maybe it's French-bashing joke time, like wondering who's going to surrender to whom.

TF1 has started a new page, so I'll do the same. This will be the continuation of Murder by Mohamed: the latest in French Jihad

TF1 does the completely broken timeline again, and in a different, and chronologically-challenged page, manages to slip in the following information from Guéant on RTL radio:

According to the ministry of the Interior, the Mohamed wishes to die guns blazing. Guéant also says that he "hopes" the "suspected motorcycle killer" [still grossly dodging the Islamic nature of the scumbag] is "still alive" in his flat, as he is surprised there had been no reaction from the Mohamed after the detonations around him during the night. The ministry finds it "somewhat strange that he did not react", particularly after the RAID blew up his windows shutters. Moreover, Guéant adds that they've "heard two gunshots, but don't know what it means".

Well, one of France most famous case of political corruption conveniently ending in blood is that of Bérégovoy, Prime Minister under France's beloved Socialist president Mitterrand, who shot himself in the head. Twice. So there you go.

Final update: the Mohamed is dead

Things suddenly went down this morning:

Kudos to the assault teams, keep the wounded cops in your thoughts or your prayers.
For the sake of his victims, it would have been an absolute disgrace if the Mohamed had made it alive.


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Comments thread (4)

  • Comment author avatar
  • TBinSTLSt Louis MO USA

I’m glad that you provided us with a clear commentary on these events but I’m still unhappy that it takes something of this magnitude to get a word from you…..

Still holding your place in my fallout shelter here in America’s well armed heartland… ;D

  • Comment author avatar
  • BlueStarMom

I am so glad you are writing again!

Any comment from you on the up coming CINC election here would be appreciated!

  • Comment author avatar
  • kulhwchStranger from out there

Glad to see you back to posting, sorry for the circumstances.  Glad someone like you is monitoring what’s going on there, though ... there are too few doing so ...

  • Comment author avatar
  • wayne jobStranger from out there

This is the first time I have visited your site, your revelations of the pandering toward the Mohammed’s by all European governments, is an open secret and a disgrace on the sensibilities of all people who prefer freedom to politically correct BS.

In 1976 whilst renovating a very old house I found newspapers as an underlay in a bedroom for very old floor covering. One was a pristine copy of a 1943 free French newspaper published in my capital city Melbourne Australia.  Reading that with all your frog mates from all over the world joining up to help us Aussies was a good read.

I had always the intention of handing this paper to the French embassy but never got around to it.  A friend of mine has a business selling French white goods to Australian and New Zealand chain stores and was about to go to France on a business trip. I offered the paper to him to give to his frog friends and apparently it is now on permanent display in their board room. French freedom is not dead it is just avoiding political correctness.  Wayne