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The (translated) French Economy Quote of the Day

Hey, just because it didn't work for the last 40 years doesn't mean we should stop trying.

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There are but a few economists not from the Marx / Keynes school of thought in this country:
Liberal1 countries invented the " flat tax » ; we invented the " full tax »
French economist Jean-Louis Caccomo, lamenting on the appalling state of Gallic economic knowledge and understanding, the resulting ambient stupidity and French panic over the slowing down of the U.S. economy, and the typical deadly and counterproductive measures to be expected, once again, from the French "authorities" in yet another professed attempt to "shield" the moribund French economy from the shockwaves of global recession: none of the critically needed reforms of the humungous State machine, even more public spending and, obligatory corollary, more taxes.

I'm roughly of the same age as J.L. Caccomo, and like him I've heard about the country's constant economic crisis, massive and ever growing unemployment rates on par with public spending and taxation, and therefore "requiring" a plethora of government "plans" measures and intervention that only make things worse, ever since I was old enough to understand articulate language.

Over these decades, and among the "people in charge", virtually nobody in France figured what "those stupid Americans" have known for some time: that the government can't be the solution to our problems, considering it is the problem.

Predictably — and as predicted here — Sarkozy is not different at all, and has already warned that, quote, " the coffers (sic) were empty » implying that, you know, very sorry and all, but the promised tax relief will have to be "postponed" — to provide some relief to the lavish lifestyle of the French State and sustainable opportunities for the creative minds of French technocrat-taxmen. Some eminent members of his government followed up, and start making the buzzing noise of tax raise, so common under these tropics ; Sarkozy himself set the example by devising a tax on Internet access to make for the loss of revenue in his plan of banning advertising on all state owned TV channels2.

As noted by J.L. Caccomo — who was initially cautiously hopeful about the Super Sarko, but then nobody's perfect — even the Socialists agree about the "ineluctability of tax raise" in France's immediate future. Socialists always do.

Confronted to that pack of mobsters and racketeers, I submit that in France tax evasion is not just an act of civil disobedience but a true civic duty3.
  1. Warning, cultural shift alert: "liberal" here is to be taken in the European meaning of the word (classical liberalism), i.e. free market capitalism, property rights, limited government, etc. Think Adam Smith, not Michael Moore.
  2. A breathtaking exploit. Even the numerous French far-left parties — and we're talking hardcore Communist revolutionaries here, people — didn't dare pulling this one out. Small wonder the French Socialists at large are in such a state of confusion: Sarkozy keeps passing them from the left.
  3. Nah, I'm not particulary pissed. I've been beyond that point for years.


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