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19 years and 11 months ago

Who's That Murphy Anyway? ♠ Mais C'est Qui Ce Murphy D'abord ?

the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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Sorry for the hiatus, but it turned out that several personal issues - compared to which the flu was almost enjoyable - somehow managed to reach their critical mass all at the same time, in a typical Murphysian fashion and kept me away from the keyboard, trying to snatch at and save some shreds of what shreds could possibly be snatched at and saved.

Yeah, I'm being very enigmatic and I don't apologize, considering that I'm being so on purpose (I shouldn't have to explain. You seem to be a bit slow, really. Wake up. It's a brand new year.)

One should notice, however, the staggering beauty of Murphy's implacable laws: shit troubles happened more or less exactly during the holiday season, and right after I warned my most esteemed audience about the flu that struck me, which means that most of you probably didn't notice anything.

Must be what they call the full half of that damn glass.

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Désolé pour le hiatus, mais les évènements ont été tels que plusieurs questions d'ordre personnel - comparée auxquelles la grippe était presque agréable - ont fait en sorte d'atteindre leur masse critique simultanément, d'une manière typiquement Murphysienne et m'ont tenu éloigné du clavier, tentant de m'agripper et de sauver quelques lambeaux des lambeaux auxquels il fut possible de s'agripper et de sauver.

Ouais, j'ai conscience d'être très énigmatique et je ne m'en excuse pas, considérant que je le suis délibérément (Je ne devrais pas avoir à vous l'expliquer. Vous m'avez l'air d'être un peu lent. Réveillez vous. C'est un nouvel an tout neuf.)

L'on doit cependant remarquer la bouleversante beauté des implacables lois de Murphy : les emmerdes ennuis se sont produit plus ou moins exactement durant la saison des fêtes et juste alors que je venais d'avertir ma très estimée audience de la grippe qui me frappait, ce qui signifie que la plupart d'entre vous n'a certainement rien remarqué.

Ça doit être ce qu'ils appellent la moitié pleine de ce putain de verre.



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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1179 - Kalroy

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Murphy was an engineer at Edwards AFB who worked on the rocket sleds in the early days. His sister lives in the nearby city of Bakersfield. The Bakersfield Californian, local paper, did a story on him several years ago, but most engineers and techies at EAFB already knew his history there (along with Pancho Barnes). Kal

1180 - Valerie, the Texas

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  • Valerie, the Texas

Maybe you should cut back a bit on downing the napalm and boar's blood... Seriously, here is hoping that the tumult at the end of the year stays in last year and things only improve from here on. Glad to have you back Great Frog of War, you were missed.

1181 - nr

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Whew! glad to see that you are back...You were absent so long that I thought that your flu had turned into SARS!