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Necrothreading much?

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He's the voice of wisdom, or my name is not the frogman:
(...) so many people have been taking us to task: pundits, bloggers, (...) right up to and including the president of the United States, who told Brit Hume of Fox News that he rarely reads newspapers because "a lot of times there's opinions mixed in with news."
I'd say his achievements over the year 2003 confirm the pertinence of this stance.

What's more, President Bush just helped me to nail something that was strolling and vaguely trying to emerge from the back of my left hemisphere, causing a quite disturbing train of background thoughts noise:
the main difference with the French press is that here, some news happen to end up mixed in with the opinions.


But usually, they're complete fantasies, which means it's not worth reading either.

(Link by Master Tim Blair.)
- If you go through the whole article, you'll notice that our Chrissie Doll is here too. Yeah, we love her, but what about that latex garter belt of yours Chrissie? And say, answer Master Frogda: still self-muzzled you are?

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Il est la voix de la raison, ou mon nom n'est pas le frogman :
(...) tellement de gens nous ont mis en cause : experts, bloggers, (...) jusqu'au président des Etats-Unis, qui a déclaré à Brit Hume de Fox News qu'il lisait rarement les journaux car "bien souvent, il y a des opinions mélangées aux informations."
Je dirais que ses résultats sur l'année 2003 confirment la pertinence de cette prise de position.

Qui plus est, le président Bush viens juste de m'aider à mettre le doigt sur quelque chose qui baguenaudait et tentait d'émerger de l'arrière plan de mon hémisphère gauche, causant le bruit de fond assez dérangeant d'un train de pensée :
La principale différence avec la presse française, c'est qu'ici il arrive que quelques informations se retrouvent mêlées aux opinions.


Mais généralement, ce ne sont que complètes fantaisies, ce qui signifie que cela ne vaut pas la peine d'être lu non plus.

(Lien par Maître Tim Blair.)
- Si vous vous faites tout l'article, vous remarquerez que notre Poupée Chrissie est là elle aussi. Ouais, on l'adore, mais qu'en est-il de ce porte-jarretelles de latex qui fut le votre Chrissie ? Et dites voir, répondez à Maître Frogda: toujours auto muselée vous êtes ?



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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1190 - Damian Bennett

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Ah, DF, Europe doesn't much like Mr. Bush because it still longs for her American patsy president, Legacy Bill. Mr. Bush has maintained a superhuman remove from his critics among the Hollywood-European-Leftie peace mob. He has neither stooped to correct nor bothered remarking their failed predictions of failure, predictions of failure gleefully predicted. The left was horrified by Mr. Bush's rescission of the ABM treaty! What will Russia do? Well, Russia, who seems to get a pass on venting nuclear pique, says, "Yeah, this treaty doesn't make any sense." Notice that after Mr. Bush showed he wouldn't be bullied into that mish-mash of psuedo-science, the Kyoto Treaty, Russia piped up, "Yeah, this treaty doesn't make any sense." The left isn't pushing Kyoto these days. The left delighted in predicting bodybags, quagmires, and a glorious resistance by the Elite Republican Guard®, even as they bleated, "Peace, peace." A little over a month later, they have to abandon their romancing of the Arab Big Man of History and their other gleeful predictions. The Left was horrified that Mr. Bush disowned the Nobel Peace prizer and career terrorist, M. Arafat! What will the volatile Arab street do? Well, the Arab street became depressed and occupies itself moping about the emptiness of Arab glory. The left delights in blandly characterizing Mr. Bush as stupid. Yet Mr. Bush keeps racking up policy and legislative successes. Whereas, by way of contrast, the dashing philosopher and sometimes diplomat, M. de Villepin, travels the globe with his thumb stuck up his fanny. So I join you in saluting Mr. Bush, an American president who is not pursuing a legacy but quietly building one. Regards, DGB