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the dissident frogman

Necrothreading much?

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Gosh, am I glad to see that the bilingual and bi-column dissident frogman format is spreading.

And what's more, in the anti-Idiotarian part of the blogosphere, as it seems.

Noticing that the dissident frogman is in the blogroll of the Czech/English blog Názory, I humbly - yet proudly - hope that I'm being for something in the affair.

Enough with that old frogman now, go there, read and bookmark. It's the Young Europe!

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Mince, qu'est ce que je suis content de voir que le format dissident frogman bilingue et bi colonnes se répand toujours plus.

Qui plus est, dans la partie anti-Stupidiste de la blogosphère, à ce qu'il semble.

Remarquant que le dissident frogman est dans le blogroll du blog Tchèque/Anglais Názory, j'espère humblement - mais fièrement - être pour quelque chose dans l'affaire.

Assez avec le vieux frogman maintenant, allez là-bas, lisez et bookmarkez. C'est la Jeune Europe!



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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

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The Wise knows that Cities are but demonic Soul-tearing pits that shall not be entered.

Comments thread (7)

661 - Amy from Texas

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Not only is your bi-lingual format spreading, but the number of smart, Young Europe blogs seems to be rising. I couldn't say if that's directly due to your influence, but it sure doesn't hurt. Keep on truckin', frogman.

662 - hans ze beeman

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I've thought about writing in bilingual format as well, but abandoned the idea; not only because I'm (yet) a slave of blogspot, but also because German - compared to English - needs much more space (I guess more than French too). Btw, very stylish, your blog!

663 - Alva from Nazory

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  • Alva from Nazory

I'm really honored to be mentioned by the dissident frogman in his blog. What a treat! I was wondering where all those people were coming from (and, boy, were they plenty!). Yes, I used the bilingual idea of this blog (which I enjoy reading) and adapted it to the Czech-English version. I really like it and I hope you don't mind I didn't ask for a permission first. Well, I guess I will have to live up to the expectations now. ;-)

664 - the dissident frogman

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  • the dissident frogman France

Hans ze beeman: at first sight, I would say that German needs more space than French indeed. You have such terribly looooong words. But do you have the same looooong phrasing as the French, or could German be more efficient in expressing the same idea in shorter sentences? I'm not a linguist and I don't speak German so... Just my 2 cents here. Alva: glad to see you around, the honor is for me. And oh! You must be kidding me right? There is no reason why you should ask for permission. On the very contrary. If my blog has been any kind of inspiration for you, it's not a peeve but a pleasure, as far as I'm concerned. That said, yep, you're trapped. Now you must live up to our fair but ferocious and demanding audience's expectation.
Time to take sides

665 - hans ze beeman

Comment author avatar
dissident frogman: I speak both French and German, and rest assured... German syntax is even longer than French, especially the nominalisation (we have a "Steuerabbauvergünstigungsgesetz" here, cough...). It might be a rumor only, but I once read that Microsoft construes German versions of their software among the first, because if a German sentence fits into a window, every other language will as well...

666 - Gabriel Syme

Comment author avatar
I have explored the Czech 'blogosphere', which rather poorly interlinked. It seems the 'young europeans' haven't quite got the point of blogroll.

667 - Brant

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Nazory is not only a good blog, it has been helping me to improve my Czech grammar.